SDC Species Spotlight: ZAKDORN

“An interesting move, foolish but interesting. Checkmate.” – a Zakdorn saying.

While they are members of the Federation they can be a challenging species to sim for but they make for interesting characters with their subtle air of superiority and slight swagger to their walk. Definitely an intellectual species, one that relies on their brains. Considered by many to be the greatest know strategists they seem to be able to think and plan far in advance of others. This also makes them exceptional players of most strategic games.

For the most part they tend to be slightly overweight or flabby, because of this the Klingons consider their reputation to be inflated as they are obviously ill suited for any kind of physical confrontation. Regardless of this most species have avoided any aggressive contact with them. Also while they are firm supporters of the Federation they tend to be more suited to administrative and organizational duties and roles. Only a few ever enlist in Starfleet and fewer in the Marines, however a large number of them do serve as civilian advisors to both of these organizations.

Learn more about this species from their wiki page.

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