SDC Spotlight: Zaldan

SDC Spotlight: Zaldan

The Zaldan are a playable species with a fairly high level of natural aggression. As such, it is surprising to many that they have never had any recorded instances of warfare among themselves. They control these aggressions by frequent strenuous physical activity. In fact over 90% of their population takes part in one sport or another and many of them are active in more than one sport.
Another unusual aspect of their culture is their dislike of courtesy and preference for blunt, straight forward communication. The reason for this is that they view courtesy as a form of phoney social behavior, designed to camouflage true feelings. This can and has resulted in misunderstandings between them and other species.
For the most part they can be a friendly people, although they do have a very competitive nature. As a result they tend to show interest in any new physically demanding sport that they learn about. Always wanting to learn and try them out, they have adopted a number of alien sports that they found to be really enjoyable.
They are now a member of the Federation and very active in Starfleet, the Marines, and to a lesser extent, the Federation as a whole. They can prove to be a demanding species to sim for but the challenges and possibilities also make them one of the more unusual.

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