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Join the News Team and help tell the story of our community

We post community news every day here on our website blog, and it plays a vital part in not only showing prospective members how active our community is, but also helping our search engine rankings and, of course, informing our community about what’s happening!

You can help us put together interesting content for our community by joining the News Team – the commitment is about one hour a month, and participating is super easy. Here’s how it works: Each month, you’ll get a list of article ideas. You can come up with your own article, if you have something you want to write about, or choose one of the suggestions.

Then, using the guidance on our wiki area, you’ll put together an article to be posted before the end of the month. You’ll add it to our WordPress site and submit it to the news queue for review by the team facilitator.

Participating on the News Team is a great way to contribute to the overall fleet, and to show your captain that you’re interested in working toward promotion.

Get started by entering your information into the form below. It’ll be sent to the team facilitator who will welcome you to the team and direct you on what to do next!

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Extra! Extra! Write for the Federation News Service!

This just in: the Federation News Service is hiring! Seasoned journalists and freelancers are wanted to showcase what’s going on beyond the mission reports of Starfleet to the greater universe in the 24th century. What’s the latest political update from Federation headquarters on Paris, Earth? Who’s the next breakout singer from Trill? You can help shape life in the 24th century!

The Federation News Service is an exciting new venue for worldbuilding and telling stories set in the Star Trek universe. Stories like…

You can read these stories and more on fns.news.

Want to write your own?

The Federation News Service welcomes both one-time and regular story submissions! Enjoy a creative avenue for simmers, role players, and fan fiction writers to develop the larger prime Trek universe.

There are two ways to write for the FNS:

Check out the FNS’s website or learn more about the FNS team on the 118 Wiki!

Three ways you can help the fleet grow

“How can I help the fleet?” As Facilitator of the Publicity Team, I get this question a lot. And there’s no doubt in my mind that the dedication and love of our members – expressed in questions like this – is what has kept our fleet going for more than 23 years now.

So here’s a few quick things that everyone can do to help:

Share our posts on Facebook and Twitter

Have you been to our Facebook or Twitter pages? We post a lot of content from around the Star Trek world and from our own community. When you see something you like, be sure to click the Like button and – if you’re so inclined – share it or retweet it.

Blog about us and share your experience

Do you run a blog? Or maybe a Tumblr? Linking back to us with a review of our community, and the game, can have a noticeable impact on our rankings in search engines.

Shoot for 400-800 words about your experience. You can talk about how you found us, why you joined, what it was like to start training, and how you’re enjoying your ship.

Not only will your post help others find us, but it will validate our community in their eyes when it comes from a personal review!

Tell your friends and family about us

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and one that should not be ignored. You, in person, telling people about our community will inspire and get them curious about what goes on here.

Have fun conversing about Star Trek and how you solved an engineering problem aboard your ship or discovered a new form of life. Being able to show your enthusiasm makes it contagious and hard to resist!

Can I do more?

Yes! UFOP: Starbase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG has a Publicity Team dedicated to helping new members find our community.

Join the team by reaching out and volunteering on our forums.

Help our fleet grow so we can launch new vessels

As a member of our community, we know that you want to help it thrive and grow – the more people that join, the more ships we can expand to, and the stronger our community becomes.

But without your help, getting the word out to prospective members can be really hard. That’s why we have a Publicity Team, where folks like you can come together, share ideas on how to advertise our community, and put ideas into action.

Joining the team is easy, and participating only takes an hour or two every month. There’s no commitment, so you can join now and step back later if it doesn’t work out with your schedule, so why not give it a try?

Fill out the form below to submit your information to the team’s facilitator. They’ll add you to the team’s email list, introduce you to others, and get you started in a jiffy!

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The News Team needs your help

Our Community News is a critical part of our ongoing success. It not only helps to inform and entertain our current members, but it acts as an important recruitment enticement by showing prospective members that we’re a highly active community. And updating our website with news every day also helps our search engine rankings.

But we need members like you to help make this possible. We try and get at least one new article up on the site every day, and for most of the month, we have plenty of content. There are a few days for feature articles every month, and that’s where volunteers like you come in.

Participating on the team is actually really easy. What we ask is that, each month, everyone on the team contribute one featured article to the queue. We provide a list of featured article ideas each month, and you can choose the one that strikes you as most interesting, or you can propose your own!

And since we have such a long history of Community News, you can often look back at past articles that are similar to the one you’re going to be writing, and use it as a template to work from.

Ready to join up? Use the simple form below – you’ll be added to the team email list and be sent more information.

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Are you interested in filling one of these important roles?

With over 100 actively simming members, our community is always abuzz with activity, both IC and OOC! And it takes the diligence and participation of many members to help keep all of our various fleet activities humming along as well as they do. That’s why we’re always looking for members like you to join in and take the lead in getting things done.

Check out these open roles that are perfect for folks who want to get more involved:

  • Calendar Master: This role is responsible for updating the forum calendar with all notable events happening within the fleet. This is a fairly simple job that requires interfacing with the Newsletter Team to make sure all the fleet’s events are “on the list,” and then making sure the calendar is regularly updated. Click here to learn more.
  • Academy Statistician: Members of the Statisticians team help keep track of everything having to do with the Academy, including incoming applications and Academy graduates, as well as which members of the Academy Training Team participated in each group – important, as our Academy Training Team is part of the promotion process for Commander. Click here to learn more.
  • Chat Team Deputy Facilitator: The Chat Team is responsible for scheduling and facilitating our monthly community chats. The facilitator for this team is tasked with ensuring that that all necessary reminders go out, about the upcoming chats, and that the chats are monitored and discussion is gently pushed in the right direction, while the deputy facilitator is tasked with backing-up with facilitator in all job roles. Click here to learn more.
  • Duty Post Forums Facilitator: The Duty Post forums are the greatest untapped potential for fun conversation in our community! We’re creating a new role to allow one person to facilitate the discussions across all the Duty Post forums, and wiki areas. Click here to learn more.

Check out the task forces area of our wiki for more information about other teams and guilds. We also have a Leadership Roster with a list of who leads each task force in the fleet.

New podcast segment: Book Review – The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

One of the many goals of the Podcast Team is to bring new and unique information from the Star Trek world to your ears. One such way that is done is by reviewing and telling other Star Trek fans about amazing books and comics available for purchase.

In this segment, Capt. John Nugra brings us his review of The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, by David A. Goodman.

Listen to the review now by clicking here!

Interested in the Podcast Team? Do you have an idea that would be great to feature? Reach out to us either on our podcast forum or through the podcast facilitator! We love to hear your ideas!

Write for the Federation News Service and expand our universe

Have you heard about the Federation News Service (FNS), our spin-off fan fiction site? FNS is an exciting new venue for worldbuilding and telling stories set in the Star Trek universe. Here’s a small taste of the incredible archive:

Read these stories and more on fns.news and learn more about the FNS team on the 118 Wiki.

The Federation News Service welcomes both one-time and regular story submissions. There are two ways to write for the FNS:

Join the team today and enjoy a creative avenue for simmers, role players, and fan fiction writers to develop the larger prime Trek universe!

Why, and how, to join the Publicity Team

Each month, roughly a dozen new members join, while many others depart on Leaves of Absence, or retire from the group. It’s the natural cycle of our community that as some people join, others will have to step away.

But unless we’re able to introduce more members to our community than leave each month, we’re faced with the prospect of diminishing size, which can eventually lead us to decommission ships. That’s why our Publicity Team works so hard every month to spread the word about our community, and entice new people to join!

We can use your help. The team needs people like yourself who are enthusiastic about our community and participating in the process of finding new members. It’s simple and fun! Each month, Publicity Team members choose a task to work on, which can include writing guest posts for other websites, finding social media content to post, keeping up with our various online bulletin board posts, among other easy jobs. We’ll coach you each step of the way in how to complete your task, and they usually only take 30 minutes to an hour each month.

So what do you think? Ready to help us find some new people? Use the form below to sign up! You’ll be added to the team email list and receive more information.

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Interested in starship design? Join the ASDB!

  • Are you interested in starship design theory?
  • Do you own all the blueprints and technical manuals, visit ex-astris-scientia.org, and still can’t get enough?
  • Do you like researching and coming up with specifications for the various starship classes of Starfleet?
  • Are you interested in developing a “starship creator” application?

The Advanced Starship Design Bureau is looking for any person (not just engineers) who would like to join the ASDB to collaborate on creating the Starship Designer: a new tool/game to design starships.
The Starship Designer is built on the premise that the specifications should mean something and that the effects of chosen components on a ship’s performance should be easily seen to the designer. Furthermore, the Starship Designer is built to be a fun, interactive process, providing instant feedback to the user on the effect of his or her choices. By creating a starship design model that is built on a set of constraints and component interaction rules, designing a starship becomes a game itself.

We want you!

We’ve built a basic prototype with placeholder specifications for the basic starship components. Our vision is for someone to be able to pick a class, see a “stock” set of specifications for that class which they can further customize if they wish. They could also start with a custom hull/class and design their own ship entirely from scratch.

Whom we are looking for:

  • People interested in starship tech who want to collaborate on figuring out specifications for classes and starship components

Even if you aren’t as well-versed with knowing your EPS from your ODN, we’re also interested in:

  • People with real-world tech knowledge who want to share their insight into design and engineering theory
  • People with web/app creation knowledge
  • Artists interested in creating MSDs (those LCARS cutaways you see on the bridge and in engineering) and other artwork for the project

If any of this has interested you or you want to learn more, check out the announcement on the forums and send a message to Captain Roshanara Rahman!

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