You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

You can help grow and develop our community by joining a team

We have an active and engaged community that’s always pitching in to help maintain and grow what we have going on here. But we’re always looking for members who want to join in and lend a hand at our most important tasks. Check out the list of our primary teams below and learn more about how you can help:
Publicity Team
This team works to grow our number of new recruits. Working together to brainstorm new ideas and chase down potential places to advertise, they put together campaigns, update our social media, and more. Without this team, our number of new recruits would drop significantly, making it harder for us to staff each ship in our fleet and keep as active as we are.
Community News
This team writes articles for our website’s blog, which is critical for a number of reasons. First, it helps to show prospective members that we’re highly active, a key metric in converting site visitors. Second, it helps to show search engines that we’re active and regularly updated, a signal that helps us keep our ranking healthy. And third, it provides social media content that keeps those channels active. Members of this team either select from a list of suggested articles, or create their own ideas, and put together the feature before submitting it for editing and posting on the news.
Federation News Service
This team helps to edit the monthly ship report summaries which get posted on our Community News each month, while also working on other content for our spinoff site, which acts as another recruiting channel for us. By writing “ripped from the headline” satire, we can grow interest in our RPG on social media!
Podcasts Team
This team puts together a new podcast every other month or so, giving our community members a way to hear all the news and interesting stories about what’s going on around here via voice. No technical knowledge is required – you can help read news stories, write news stories, or even edit the audio file if you’re inclined to learn!

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