Triathlon On Denak IX Sees A Triumphant Winner

Triathlon On Denak IX Sees A Triumphant Winner

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — The race on Denak IX concluded with a nerve-racking finish as two teams from the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) and one from the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692) compete among the Tyrellian Sectors best.
Enjoying a well-deserved break from their latest mission on Trueno, the Gorkon spent shore leave back in their home system. Proving their abilities as a competitive task force, the Gorkon and the Triumphant entered teams into the yearly triathlon — a widely celebrated annual event for the sector on their remote listening post planet Denak IX.
With the necessary flair and firework, the Triumphant team crossed the finish line, led by none other than Captain Walter Brunsig himself.
Close on their heels in second place arrived one of the Gorkon’s teams, comprising Ens. Maia Eden, Lt. Corliss Fortune and LtCmdr. Jocelyn Marshall.
Competing for third place created an enervating race between the remaining Gorkon team and the team of the USS Resolute. Each time one team took the lead, the other caught up. In a photo finish, the Resolute team gained their merited place on the winner’s podium by merely a hundredth of a second, leaving the Gorkon’s second team with Lt. Piravao sh’Qynallahr, Lt. JG Toran Sevo and Ens. Serren Tan in the fourth spot.
The local spa facility greeted all contestants afterwards, to reward them with a well-deserved shower, food and drinks to wash away the planet’s yellow dust.
In the meantime, the Gorkon welcomed new officers on board; among them Ens. Sarah Phillips taking up duties within the science department, and Lt. Cory Stoyer, recently bereaved, returning to active duty within Operations.
While orbiting Palanon, the central governance planet of the Tyrellian System and primary home to the displaced Tyrellian people, the Gorkon took the opportunity to replenish their supplies.
“I have no idea what they’ll do with that amount of Bajoran wood,” answered a shopkeeper when interviewed about the deliveries made to the Sovereign starship. “But if they think they’ll be able to fix any holes in the ship’s hull with it, they’ll be in for a surprise.”
As shore leave finishes within the coming days, the crew took their last opportunity to visit Palanon for the rich entertainment diversions made available or to spend another night at the Party Zone of Iana Station.
Written by Samira Neathler

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