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SS Duncan Dunbar’s Distress Signal In Asteroid Capable Of Supporting Life

WUAGYL SECTOR — The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) is investigating the missing SS Duncan Dunbar’s distress signal now coming from a habitable asteroid.

The Starfleet crew picked up the distress signal while diverting course from Donova IV for a look at a protostar nebula. While there, they picked up a mysterious distress call from a cargo vessel, the SS Duncan Dunbar.

“We were hoping to *ease* our way back into the fold after our last mission,” notes Ensign Seeker Macedon. “I guess it’s a nice change, though. We’ve gone from playing hide and seek with the Tholians to maybe performing a good old-fashioned rescue.”

Scans of the asteroid further show that its core contains a breathable atmosphere and life signs. Captain Roshanara Rahman has sent an away team led by First Officer Commander Sky Blake to investigate if there are any survivors from the Dunbar within the asteroid. Meanwhile, Rahman and the crew on Veritas continue to look for signs of the cargo vessel as they map the asteroid from orbit.

The course change came after two weeks’ reprieve on Kidman I following a stressful ordeal along the Shoals’ silent border.

As Blake took the role of acting Captain, the ship redirected a drifting Tholian station back to its rightful territory arresting defector to the Tholian Assembly Kehive na-Soldim. The successful operation earned Blake a promotion to Commander while the crew enjoyed shore leave on the near-empty, newly settled Kidman.

However, officers speculate the choice of Kidman I was not random, but a strategic choice in the event Tholian forces had followed the Veritas’ crew.

Despite last month’s encounter, Tholians are not suspects in the case of the distressed SS Duncan Dunbar.


Written by Wil Ukinix

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