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Atlantis Crew Attends First Freeworlds Conference

ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE — After a successful shipwide drill, Commander Jarred Thoran and crew received an invitation to participate in the first Freeworlds Conference.

The Council also extended this invitation to representatives of the Caraadian Noble Houses, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic, and the Valcarian Imperial Republic. They hope that the conference will foster relations between the various factions and aid them in gathering allies.

However, the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) senior staff expressed concern regarding the safety of attendees in light of ongoing tensions between the Caraadian Noble Houses and the Valcarian Imperial Republic.

“Anyone who has served in the Par’tha Expanse for long at all knows there’s no love lost between them,” commented PO2 MacKenzie Connors. “It wasn’t long ago that the Valcarians sent military forces to Paldor. Amidst natural disasters that were decimating Paldor cities nonetheless.”

In an attempt to prevent disruptive incidents, Thoran assigned both diplomatic and security tasks. He, LtCmdr. Serala, and Ens. Thalas th’koro met with IIlaran council member Keseri Weisto to represent the Federation as well as to provide diplomatic counsel.

“The Federation has a strong reputation when it comes to diplomatic tact,” commented Council Aide Traek Zeki. “The Freeworlds leaders are confident that with the Federation in attendance, we will see a positive outcome for the conference.”

Two teams led by Lt. Maddi Hyden and LtCmdr. Toryn Raga respectively were assigned to work with Freeworlds representatives to discuss relevant security concerns regarding the safety of those in attendance and identifying any security flaws. Representative Drezon Brex expressed concerns to Hyden about the limited security personnel available.

“While the Mephini spaceport has a security task force of its own, they aren’t accustomed to gatherings quite this large,” commented Representative Brex. “Even with additional personnel provided by the Federation ship, we will need to be very strategic in where security is posted.”

The remaining members of the senior staff led by LtCmdr. Anath G’Renn spoke with the numerous delegates to become familiar with them as well as providing additional eyes on the proceedings.

However, not long into the conference, the Atlantis crew found themselves with a conundrum when Thoran’s team uncovered a mysterious note warning that the Valcarians had infiltrated the Freeworlds Council.

This, combined with Maj. Stonecypher’s request that Raga’s team help secure the conference and the sudden disappearance of the station’s security director, has led to a more in-depth investigation.

Further developments to follow.


Written by Ishkabella Journs

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