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USS Veritas undergoes refit and repair as crew enjoys extended shore leave

UTOPIA PLANITIA, MARS — The USS Veritas has returned to drydock after suffering severe damage recovering its crew from the moon nicknamed Limbo.

The starship, one of only two normally assigned to Operation Safe Harbor in the volatile region known as the Shoals, was heavily damaged during crew recovery efforts following its temporary abandonment over an uncharted class-M moon. Damage assessments teams at Star Station Esperence determined that the ship would need extensive repairs and Starfleet Admiral Joseph Washington authorized a priority placement at Utopia Planitia and extended leave for the crew.

As this is the first time the ship and its full crew compliment have been away from the Shoals in nearly three years, many members of the crew were excited by the opportunity to spend time with friends and family members.

“One thing people don’t understand about the Shoals is how spotty communications are,” said Ensign Choi Ji-yeon, a Veritas nurse. “We sometimes go weeks without any news from home, and even longer without direct contact with our loved ones, so this leave means a lot to many members of the crew.”

Members of the crew passed time in a variety of ways. Of particular note: Lieutenants Junior Grade G’Var and Geoffrey Teller along with Ensign Wil Ukinix searched for “treasure” in the form of a lost starship; Lieutenant Commander Raissa Moonsong and Lieutenant Jansen Orrey spent time together on Earth; and Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake traveled to Betazed to testify on behalf of her daughter in hopes of bringing her back to the planet.

Written by Evan Delano

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