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USS Veritas Captain’s Log: We’ve made an escape plan

Captain’s Log, Day 119 – Captain Roshanara Rahman, reporting.

I’ve long since given up trying to keep track of the stardate. And if this plan works, the stardate won’t matter as we’ll find ourselves aligned back with the rest of the universe, on the same day I first gave the order to abandon Veritas.

I suppose if this plan doesn’t work, the stardate still won’t matter…

Still, I must remain confident in our plan, and I do. The crew has been in high spirits the past two weeks as they’ve made the preparations for Chief Engineer Teller and Ensign Ukinix’s plan. First Officer Evan Delano will be leading a team going to Veritas back in time to restart the ship’s propulsion systems and use the deflector to dissipate the temporal bubble that has caused the passage of time to move far quicker on the surface of this moon than in the rest of normal space.

On the surface, Lt. Commander Tristam Core has been supervising the completion of a surface relay that the ship will need to target. Meanwhile, a small search party consisting of Lieutenant G’var, Ensign Ukinix, and Doctor Cole Maxwell have gone to find the personnel who still remain unaccounted for since we first sought refuge on Limbo. Among the missing include Lt. Commander Alora DeVeau and Commander Nic del Vedova.

Every possible scrap of material we could salvage from the escape pods and shuttles has gone into constructing the surface relay required to make this plan work. Though there still remains work to be done, we should be able to complete it by the time it will be needed from the ship. Once back aboard Veritas, Delano’s team will have three hours to complete their mission before the ship begins to burn up in the atmosphere. For us on the surface, those three hours will mean another sixty days.

God willing, that’s how long we have left on this tropical paradise of a prison.

Written by Roshanara Rahman

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