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USS Montreal First Officer Captured by Vulcan Extremist

KARRAKA, SHOALS — Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek of the USS Montreal has been captured by a Vulcan Extremist known as Lenik.

Following a forty-day journey, the USS Montreal (NCC-64927) arrived at Karraka in hopes of preventing another disaster akin to the pandemic on Meridian. Scans of the vicinity by Lieutenant German Galven revealed suspicious activity in the mountains on the planet surface. Two Klingon Warbirds were detected in orbit of the planet, however, the vessels remained at high alert but made no attempts to challenge the Montreal.

Sudden explosions from nearby weather satellites rocked the vessel. Further scans revealed that the satellites had been embedded with antimatter bombs, turning them into crude bombs. However, due to the quick thinking of Commander Tal Tel-ar, the Montreal’s Chief of Security,  damage to the ship itself was minimized.

Rosek’s inability to make contact with the government on the surface raised suspicions and after some preliminary investigations, Lieutenant JG Tiria Hamasaki was able to uncover a string of security incidents and a coded alert that was broadcast the day before the Montreal’s arrival.

In light of these events, Commander Mei’konda ordered Rosek to lead an away team down to the surface to ascertain why they weren’t able to reach the Karraka government officials. Due to the tetryon interference, it was decided that the team would go down by shuttle.

During the away team’s ascent to the planet’s surface, Galven detected the crashed remains of Lenik’s ship, the Miran’s Tifar.

Upon touching down on the planet’s surface, the group split into two teams with Rosek’s team studying the west end of the crash site and Lieutenant Riley Delar’s team assigned to the east end of the crash site. Once Rosek’s team arrived at their search area, orders were given to repel down into a discovered crater in hopes of locating survivors while she remained topside to scan the perimeter. As the teams searched for information, the First Officer was ambushed by Lenik’s assailants and was taken hostage.

“I don’t know what they were thinking, abducting our First Officer,” Ensign Joan Smith said, disbelievingly. “They’re just asking to get beat back to the stone age.”

However, her lifesign was detected, but were unable to intercept before they reached the USS Belfast — a ship that Lenik had commandeered. The Vulcan extremist’s demands for a slipstream-capable ship forced the Montreal crew to face the fact that they might need to sacrifice both their First Officer and the hostages to stop Lenik from causing further damage.

Meanwhile, on board the Montreal, Chief Engineer Lieutenant Jacob Harkrow dispatched teams to repair the shield emitters and discovered a sort of mucilage in the Jeffries’ tubes. As casualties reported to Sickbay for treatment, medical officer Lieutenant JG Sheila Bailey discovered something slippery on the floor. Investigation of the mucilage is ongoing, though it is believed to be one of Galven’s experiments.

“It was eerie to see a plant-blob… thing… moving through the tubes,” Crewman First Class Alan Hawke said grimly. “You could hear it squelching a mile through the connected conduits. It makes my skin crawl to think of what it could be.”

Attempts to rescue Rosek and the hostages, as well as studies of the creature discovered in the Jeffries tubes, are ongoing.

Written by Lael Rosek

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