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USS Montreal Destroyed Over Karakka

KARRAKA, SHOALS — Following the destruction of the USS Montreal (NCC-64927), the crew was transported to Star Station Esperance where they remained for the duration of Commander Mei’konda’s court-martial.

USS Montreal First Officer Captured by Vulcan Extremist

KARRAKA, SHOALS — Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek of the USS Montreal has been captured by a Vulcan Extremist known as Lenik.

Montreal chases Vulcan extremist to Karraka

THE SHOALS — After the Vulcan extremist member known as Lenik escaped last month from Meridian, the crew of the USS Montreal found evidence his next destination would be Karraka and picked up the trail with fervor.

USS Montreal provides critical aid amid plague outbreak on Meridian

MERIDIAN — The USS Montreal arrived at Meridian colony on a mission of diplomatic outreach but was instead confronted by an outbreak of deadly plague.

USS Montreal assists Meridian Colony with global pandemic

MERIDIAN — Starfleet officials have dispatched the USS Montreal to Meridian, a colony on the edge of the Shoals, upon learning that the population had been struck with a deadly plague.

USS Montreal battles pirates and rescues survivors of missing cargo vessel

THOLIAN TERRITORY — Investigating the disappearance of a missing Starfleet cargo vessel, the USS Montreal went deep into the heart of Tholian territory and rescued the survivors who had been captured by pirates.

USS Montreal recovers after attack near Tholian border

THE SHOALS — Commander Mei’konda assumed command of the USS Montreal last month after the ship arrived early at the agreed rendezvous point where the USS Veritas was waiting.