USS Montreal recovers after attack near Tholian border

USS Montreal recovers after attack near Tholian border

THE SHOALS — Commander Mei’konda assumed command of the USS Montreal last month after the ship arrived early at the agreed rendezvous point where the USS Veritas was waiting.

Source reports indicate damage one would expect to see in the aftermath of an attack. Some speculate that the strike on the Montreal was related to the destruction of Astrofori One while others believe it to be work of pirates in the region.
“Pirates used to be the biggest issue we had to contend with in the Shoals,” said Naomi Yeats, a nurse aboard the civilian freighter Grey Maiden. “The destruction of Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor has left a lot of us shaken.”
When questioned, Starfleet officials wouldn’t provide further details regarding the attack, claiming the information to be classified. However, reports from Starfleet confirmed that several crew members were transferred from the USS Veritas, already stationed in the Shoals, to the Montreal to assist Commander Mei’konda in evaluating and repairing damage to the ship.
Veritas officers and crewman who joined the crew of the Montreal included Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, (First Officer), Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, (Chief Medical Officer), Commander Tal Tel-ar (Security/Tactical Chief), Lieutenant JG German Galven, (Acting Chief Science Officer), Lieutenant Femi Cattan (Counselor), and Lieutenant JG Shin Kawakame (Security/Tactical Officer).
Also becoming part of the Montreal crew were newly graduated Ensigns Anara Pallra and Jacob Harkrow (Engineering Officers), Ensign Esbrun Vardai (Science Officer), and Ensign Skylar Noland (tactical officer).
The existing crew of the Montreal expressed their gratitude for the support. “They were a guiding light in a time of confusion,” said Crewman Teresa Halbright. “[They were] very professional and did a great job of getting us up and running again.”
Casualties of this assault included the Montreal’s commanding officer, Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng, who was severely injured and unable to continue command. A total of eleven officers and crewmen were lost in the assault, including the Montreal’s Chief Engineer and Chief Medical Officer.
“He [Commander Zhou] was in rough shape when he was transported to the Veritas,” explained Lieutenant Faryul Nishal, Chief Nursing Officer aboard the Montreal. “We just didn’t have the resources to treat him here after the attack.”
“It’s been tough finding ways to adapt the ship’s old technology to work around the tetryon radiation in the Shoals,” said Lieutenant JG Francis Michaels, a Montreal Engineering Officer who served under the ship’s previous chief. “But we’re managing. We have an amazing team and I’m confident she [the ship] will pull through.”
An anonymous source reported that the Montreal was bombarded by Tholian vessels while investigating the original siege, which took place along the Tholian border. But when asked to clarify these rumors, Starfleet officials responded simply with, “No comment.”
Written by Lael Rosek

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