USS Montreal provides critical aid amid plague outbreak on Meridian

USS Montreal provides critical aid amid plague outbreak on Meridian

MERIDIAN — The USS Montreal arrived at Meridian colony on a mission of diplomatic outreach but was instead confronted by an outbreak of deadly plague.
Despite the best efforts of the colony’s medical team the plague reached pandemic status within days of the first reported cases. The Montreal’s medical team, lead by Doctors Chythar Skyfire and Solok, in conjunction with Lieutenant German Galven of the science team, enacted a planetary quarantine and began work on a cure. With his crew working diligently on a solution to the crisis, Commander Mei’konda and his team met with the colony’s Klingon representative, General Eth’ek, along with his adviser, Colonel Rilaw, to discuss the problematic Tholian situation in the Shoals.
“People were dying,” said Crewman First Class George Sullivan said. “Ignoring that would have been cruel and unethical. Our diplomatic mission wasn’t as important as coming to the aid of the colony.”
Attempts to contain the plague were met with difficulty when two freighters attempted to break quarantine. Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, left in command of the Montreal, was forced to fire upon and disable the ships to prevent them from leaving the planet. Injured passengers from the freighters were then transported to the Montreal’s quarantine wards for treatment.
“Lieutenant Commander Rosek had a tough call to make,” said Nurse Nila Hallaway. “But in the end, none of the passengers aboard the freighters were seriously injured and the plague was contained.”
While discussing the plague outbreak at city hall, General Eth’ek had contracted the virus and collapsed. Through quick thinking, the Montreal’s away team transported both Klingons to the ship’s quarantine wards. The situation deteriorated further when the head of the science team Lt. Galven succumbed and slipped into a coma. In the rush to get him medical aid, Colonel Rilaw disappeared from view and could not be found by the Montreal’s security personnel.
“With all the eyes around, it should have been impossible for her to break quarantine without someone noticing.” Crewman Darix Cullin stated.
Security footage uncovered a man, identified as Lenik of Vulcan, introducing an unknown substance into the colony water supply, leading Commander Mei’konda and his team to suspect this was the origin of the plague. However, before Mei’konda could report this discovery, Lenik threatened to destroy the Montreal’s warp core. Lieutenant Commander Rosek’s attempts to negotiate with him were unsuccessful. Colonel Rilaw, now exposed as a co-conspirator of Lenik’s, ordered his ship to fire on the Crescent View Medical Research Facility.
“We were forced to go with a very risky maneuver,” Chief Petty Officer Alice Johnston, said “We were operating under the demands of a madman who unleashed a plague and fired on innocent civilians – we didn’t have the time for by the book.”
With limited means to prevent another attack on the medical research center, Commander Mei’konda ordered an emergency ascent from the surface. The short window to achieve orbit was extremely risky to ship and crew given the high g-forces they’d experience. Fortunately, the engineering staff lead by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jacob Harkrow and former Chief Engineer Rosek, cooperating with Doctor Sotak, successfully completed the maneuver. With the help of Ensign Tiria Hamasaki at the helm, the Montreal managed to get the drop on the enemy ship, severely damaging it and forcing Lenik to retreat. Fortunately, Dr. Solok had uncovered a cure that was shortly after distributed to the colony.
Written by Lael Rosek

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