Montreal chases Vulcan extremist to Karraka

Montreal chases Vulcan extremist to Karraka

THE SHOALS — After the Vulcan extremist member known as Lenik escaped last month from Meridian, the crew of the USS Montreal found evidence his next destination would be Karraka and picked up the trail with fervor.
Concerned that Lenik might repeat his actions of unleashing a plague as he had on Meridian, the Montreal crew set a course along the Widowmaker’s Trail for a 40-day journey in hopes of arriving before him. The crew took the opportunity to prepare, to recognize and celebrate the hard work of the senior staff and to say goodbye to Doctor Chythar Skyfire, who elected to take an indefinite sabbatical.
“Oui, we are sad to see him go,” said Crewman Annalise Hameldon, a Medical Lab Technician. “But it is for the best. He will return when he is ready and will return stronger.”
However, the crew was happy to welcome aboard Lieutenant Riley Delar, who would fill the Mission Specialist role. Riley is a former member of the Bajoran militia and served as a communications officer aboard Deep Space 17 prior to joining the Montreal crew.
“It’ll be interesting to see how he applies his background to the Mission Specialist role,” said Ensign Mesda Chatva, a relief Helmsman. “The command team seems confident he’ll be a good fit.”
All senior staff received the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal for their efforts in the fight against Lenik.
For his efforts and dedication above and beyond the call of duty, Jacob Harkrow was promoted to Lieutenant and became the new Chief Engineer, replacing Lieutenant Anjar Thoran, who returned to Earth to participate in the Fleet’s new Warp XV project. With Doctor Skyfire’s departure, Doctor Solok stepped in as the new Chief Medical Officer. Stennin and Tiria Hamasaki were recognized as well for their exemplary performances and received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, with Hamasaki’s assignment Chief Helmsman.
“We have a strong command team,” said Crewman Kala Rurin, a Stellar Cartography Technician. “And we have an excellent senior staff. They are definitely worthy of recognition.”
A short time before arriving at Karraka, the crew was saddened when health issues forced Ensign Beelam Grog, a nurse, to return to her homeworld of Trill for further treatment.
“Her health is most important,” Crewman Hameldon reported that the medical team, though sad to see Ensign Grog go, expressed best wishes. “She needs to take care of herself first and foremost. But she will be greatly missed.”
As the crew continues their journey to Karraka, they continue to express the utmost confidence that they will succeed in capturing Lenik and turning him over to the appropriate authorities to answer for his crimes.
Written by Lael Rosek

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