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USS Constitution-B Crew Celebrates Archaic Earth Tradition

STARBASE 104 — The crew has donned their festival attire and revives the ancient Earth tradition of Hallow’s Eve in the aftermath of First Contact mission.

With memories of past lives still fresh in many of their minds, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) gathered to revive the old Earth tradition of Hallows Eve. This ceremony, in which participants wear the attire of malign spiritual beings, or to dress in ways that elicit their own fears of the unknown dates to the pre-Eugenics Wars era. The officers and crew of the Constitution revelled in adding their own multi-cultural twist to the event with spirits and notable characters being portrayed from a variety of represented cultures.

For the efforts of then Ensigns Lazarus Davis and Ravenna Carter, the event’s principle organisers, the crew experienced a carefully curated Hallows Eve experience including macabre culinary offerings, themed party games, and general conviviality.

The event also served as the stage for several awards and decorations awarded to the Constitution’s crew. Promotions included the advancement of Yito Seja and Edward Spears to Lieutenant Commander, and of Lazarus Davis and Ravenna Carter to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Davis also became Assistant Chief of Science.

“A wonderful occasion!” Exclaimed Petty Officer Lillv Glerthaf assigned to Science on the Constitution-B. “I look forward to many a debate with Lieutenant Davis in the coming months.”

The event concluded with a holodeck simulation of a dust buggy race. While not strictly in keeping with the Hallows Eve theme, the Constitution’s crew has adopted the hazardous Martian sport as an unofficial friendly competitive event after a previous mission saw them trained on the use of Argo-class all-terrain vehicles.

They conducted the activity in holographic format only, and no Starfleet operational equipment was mis-used in pursuing recreational activity.



Written by Edward Spears

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