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USS Atlantis crew racing to Paldor System as DS26 returns

PAR’THA EXPANSE – With the sudden reappearance of the missing Chon outpost Deep Space 26, the USS Atlantis is en route to investigate.

Numerous reports from House Larokon space, along with the Science Department’s observations, have revealed that the long absent station Deep Space 26 has returned. However, obviously far from its original location. A distress call was received from Paldor II and the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) is currently rushing to assist.

This exciting news comes on the heels of other recent changes for the starship Atlantis, such as the sudden change of command which has seen Captain Brell being transferred to the role of Ambassador on Duronis II and Commander Jarred Thoran being named his successor. Several other changes were implemented even as the crew was enjoying a much needed shore leave.

Along with the arrival of a new CO, came the arrival of a new medical officer, Lt. Ishkabella Journs, who has taken over the Medical department following a lack of senior medical personnel for several months. Operations Officer Esa Kiax received a much deserved promotion to Lieutenant. Finally, as one of his final acts onboard Atlantis, Capt. Brell was given the honor to marry Lt. Kiax to Lt. Maddi Hyden. After a meeting with Lieutenant Commander Serala and Lieutenant Maddi Hyden, Jarred Thoran made the decision to separate the Security and Tactical Departments on an experimental basis, with Hyden named as Acting Head of Security, while Serala will be taking the position of Chief Tactical Officer.

A series of joint boarding and repelling drills were scheduled between the Marines and Security with the results still being evaluated as Captain Brell’s departure was met with many tears as crew members bade their former CO farewell and good luck in his new position.

“We’re all going to miss him here.”  says Master-at-Arm First Class Davis, “My favorite part was the honor guard send off coordinated by Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga. I’m a tough guy, but I almost broke down at that.”

Even as Atlantis races to assist with the situation at Paldor II, plans are being made to try and assist in every way possible, from boarding and securing the station with the possible evacuation if it should be determined to be necessary, to assisting the residents of Paldor II which is experiencing numerous geological and meteorological disturbances following the sudden emergence of the station so close to the planet.

It’s all hands on deck and the fate of a planet and a space station hang in the balance. Only time will reveal whether Atlantis can save the day.


Written by Serala

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