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Gorkon Escapes Ma No Umi, Syndicate Vessel Lost

MA NO UMI — Away Teams of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) escape pirate asteroid Nassau in a daring raid as Orion Syndicate vessel Labyrinth Scream suffered a warp core breach in the Kamarov Corridor.

Following the successful escape from pirate asteroid Nassau, the away teams conducted their rendezvous with the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692) in nearby space. Temporary support vessels were abandoned as the crew transferred back to familiar territory once more.

Refusing to surrender to the authority of the Federation and Starfleet vessel, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds launched an attack on Orion Syndicate vessel, The Labyrinth’s Scream. A Corsair-class vessel, Captain Thertas counteracted with matched weapons fire, until the damage dealt to his ship proved too much. An internal warp core breach signalled the start of the end and the vessel detonated, sending life pods and private shuttlecraft in all directions. Unfortunately, it is believed Thertas was lost with the destruction of The Labyrinth’s Scream, alongside a select number of persons believed to remain loyal to the Orion Syndicate Captain. No effort will be made to pursue the survivors of the destruction.

“A Terran term for the explosion effect would be fireworks,” commented Qu’ila, Petty Officer First Class, who had watched the obliteration from the Mess Hall. “Was that the cargo of the Scream? What were they carrying on there?”

While speculations continue regarding the fate of the lost ship, reports from the asteroid indicate the devastation of one shuttlecraft heralded the death of Lieutenant Jandara Tem. Tem served as a Pilot and Helm Officer aboard the USS Gorkon from stardate 239305 as part of the 451st Ranger Squad and a veteran of Starfleet Marines. Information regarding the arranged memorial will follow.

Taken into custody aboard the Triumphant were an Orion named Theeda, reported to have assaulted Lieutenant Commander Jocelyn Marshall, and the notorious Orion Syndicate pirate Leelou, fugitive from justice and wanted for first degree murder, extortion, grand larceny, conspiracy, bribery, assault/battery, political intrigue, telemarketing fraud, destruction of private property and escape from Federation detention on 239503.13.

In a change of pace for the crew, the call for shore leave began with an award ceremony. A variety of awards ranging from the Purple Heart to Lifesaving Ribbons were presented to the Gorkon’s commissioned and enlisted officers. To celebrate the return of their operatives from undercover work and to acknowledge the consistent hard work of the Assistant Chief of Security, junior grade Lieutenants Samira Neathler, Valesha Sienelis, and Orson Marshall were promoted to full Lieutenant. In recognition for their dedication and commitment to excellence in their role, Lieutenants Genkos Adea and Cory Stoyer were promoted to Lieutenant Commander, with all rights, responsibilities and privileges therein.

Shore leave commences for the Gorkon as they return to Earth for the first time in two years.


Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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