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Annual Starship Racing Series To Feature USS Veritas, New Warp XV Engine

ROXBURGH SECTOR — The crew of the USS Veritas traveled to the site of an annual championship racing series held near Ketar V, in order to facilitate the gathering, and represent Starfleet in a number of events.

The participation of the USS Veritas in the annual Sandhurst Cup race is particularly surprising given the race’s reputation for danger. Although the Colonial Coalition Racing League has insisted changes to the course have dramatically increased safety, the race continues to be infamous for a 12-ship collision that claimed 26 lives during the 2384 event.

Also surprising is the Veritas participating in the race while reportedly hosting a group of school children from Ketar V. The FNS reached out to the Ketar V Education Ministry for comment, but received no response.

Despite safety concerns, many of the event’s longtime fans are excited to see a Starfleet vessel participate.

“People think Veritas is the most technologically advanced ship in the Shoals. And I guess it probably is,” says Sharon Baker, a Ketar V citizen who has attended every Sandhurst Cup race for the last 25 years. “They even have a brand new ‘Warp XV’ engine that some folks think guarantees they’ll win. But like Taggert always says, ‘it’s not the size of your nacelles, it’s how you use ’em.’ My money’s on Vulcan Vixen.”

Vulcan Vixen, piloted by two-time champion Harrick Martin, is heavily favored to win, according to the Antor II Gambling Commission, which gives Martin 2-1 odds. Veritas, though a late entry into the race, has standing odds at 7-2.

It should be noted that several members of the Veritas senior staff will not be present for the race. The ship’s first officer, Commander Evan Delano and her chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller, have been temporarily reassigned to oversee the completion of the prototype light cruiser, USS Diligent, at the Livernois Shipyards of Ketar V following reports that the construction had fallen well behind schedule.

When completed, Diligent is widely expected to join Operation Safe Harbor following the loss of the USS Montreal earlier this year.


Written by Evan Delano

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