USS Atlantis hosts captain’s promotion party

USS Atlantis hosts captain’s promotion party

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Brell, the commanding officer of the USS Atlantis, was promoted to the rank of captain, with guests from across the fleet in attendance at his ceremony.
After their last dreadful experience with the bots, the USS Atlantis was towed back to Deep Space 26 to undergo extensive repairs. In the process that took three weeks, most of the crew was given time off including the senior staff. As the crew recovered both mentally and physically, a dozen members of the engineering personnel from the starbase got to work on getting the Atlantis ready for a new mission.
As the crew waited for repairs to complete, all kinds of activities were organised. One of them was a murder investigation on the holodeck organised by the Atlantis newly promoted chief engineer Valin Dermont.
Although everyone was given time off, several officers decided to work instead. Captain Brell and Lt. Cmdr. Williams went through a lot of inquiries about recent events while Lt. Danara and her team started to look for clues on who built the robots in the first place.
With the ship repairs almost done, it was time for the crew to gather around on the holodeck. Although the inquiry had been tough, and many questions remained unanswered, Starfleet Command decided that even though the ship’s latest mission wasn’t a great success, its commanding officer had done an outstanding job nonetheless. The entire crew was proud and pleased to hear Commander Brell was being promoted to captain. A promotion like this attracted high ranking officers from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and with a few modifications to Holodeck 1, many friends and officials of the newly promoted captain were able to attend and celebrate the occasion.
Later in the evening, Captains Brell’s first official action was honoring his crew with medals and promotions. Several officers who had taken injury or went above and beyond their call of duty were rewarded for their heroism.
“What’s a party without a little fun?” said First Lieutenant Kurt Logan, who received the Legion of Merit and summarised the spirit party quite well.
Written by Alexander Williams

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