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Klingon-Federation relations at risk in pirating fiasco

MARCHLANDS – The USS Constitution crew must retrieve a pirated Starfleet testbed starship while trying to avoid a diplomatic incident.

A surprise senior staff meeting drew a short shore leave to a close for the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B). Conducted by Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor, the briefing informed the staff that Captain Jalana Rajel would be leading a team of volunteers on a covert and risky mission to retrieve a stolen Starfleet prototype ship. With mission support provided by Traenor, Rajel and her team would disguise themselves as Klingon pirates to infiltrate the USS Geneva, which was hijacked by rogue Klingon brigands when it accidentally strayed into the fringes of Klingon space.

After the briefing, the senior staff was left with a difficult decision to make – would they undergo cosmetic surgery to appear Klingon and volunteer for the risky mission? Several officers did just that, and the doctors of the Constitution’s sickbay were busy with the alterations.

“I’ve never seen so many cosmetic alterations at one time,” exclaimed Nurse Morgan. “But like the true professionals they are, the doctors of the Conny made short work of the taxing procedures.”

Some officers had reservations about the risky and questionable mission, including its true purpose. Instead of entreating the Klingon government to assist them with the retrieval of the Geneva, Starfleet had instead decided to try and secure the vessel and its experimental and controversial armaments without outside interference. The Constitution’s command officers tried to allay these reservations, but there were too many loose threads to convincingly bolster morale. Now, on the dawn of the mission, the crew departs on a borrowed Klingon ship, and time will soon tell if these questionable tactics prevent an interstellar incident or incite one.

Written by Maxwell Traenor

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