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Crew of USS Gorkon trapped in dreamweb of Maquis reality

DEEP SPACE — With a rescue vessel en route, several members of the USS Gorkon work to free their colleagues from a forced dream state.

The crew of the USS Gorkon are being held captive in a forced dream state, all except for a small handful of personnel; their captain, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds; a newly-graduated counsellor, Ensign Corliss Fortune; and the recently awoken Chief Medical Officer, Yiggtissi.

While evading the intruders aboard the ship, they are working to engineer a device that will counteract the neurogenic field keeping the rest of the crew asleep, and from there retake their vessel.

Inside the dream, deep in the Demilitarised Zone, during the heyday of the Maquis…

Reality is crumbling around the crew of the Skarbek. The knowledge that they are members of a Maquis cell has been shattered by the strange events surrounding them. Memories of their real lives are being superimposed over the ship they thought they knew, revealing moments of tragedy and intimacy that until now they had no recollection of. Others have experienced wild visions of fantastic places, people and animals that have little-to-no grounding in fact.

Doubting the nature of their existence, the crew labour to discover who they truly are and perhaps how they can escape the false reality. Telepaths and empaths explore one another’s minds, trying to find the real person underneath the dream facade. Others, now aware that they’re dreaming, try to find some way to control the dream and bend it to their will.

All the while, a small group try to interrogate an intruder, foreign to any of their realities, who was responsible for the attack on the Skarbek’s prisoner, and who knows more about their situation than he’s willing to disclose.

Written by Quinn Reynolds

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