USS Blackwell rescued from minefield trap

USS Blackwell rescued from minefield trap

PARTHA EXPANSE – A Taventa Robotics starship and the USS Atlantis have successfully rescued the USS Blackwell from a verteron particle-producing minefield.
En route to Arndall, the USS Blackwell was stopped by a deadly minefield, producing veteron particles that crippled sensors and made faster-than-light travel impossible. Contact with the deadly minefield left the USS Blackwell and its crew stranded and fighting for survival.
Initial contact with the field caused significant damage to the medical vessel, including multiple hull breaches, plasma and atmosphere venting, uncontrolled fires, and severe damage to both nacelles. Left without warp capability, sensors, and communications while running on emergency power, Blackwell was unable to call for help, or safely escape. Damage control procedures were immediately implemented throughout the ship.
Meanwhile, a garbled and worrying distress signal received by the USS Atlantis resulted in newly-appointed Captain S’Ranna suspending negotiations with Taventa Robotics so the ship could assist in repairing the Blackwell.
As First Officer Cmdr Brell, Lt. E’riQ, and Ensigns Lux and Jiace fought crippling plasma fires, Lt. JGs Pandorn and G’Renn rescued wounded or incapacitated crew and passengers – including a schoolroom full of children.
On the bridge, Capt. Zaekia, Lt.Cmdr. R’Ven, Lt. JG. Thoran, and Ens. Tu’Peq detected an unidentified vessel, its origins and intentions unclear. Before contact could be established, the unknown ship was destroyed by a Taventa Robotics vessel captained by Janiel Gaddington, a representative of Taventa Robotics who had been part of the Atlantis negotiations. Tensions grew higher when it became clear that the minefield had been produced by Taventa Robotics.
Eventually, Gaddington ordered his vessel to assist in rescuing the stricken Blackwell from the subspace trap, and both Starfleet ships set a course for a nearby neutral world for shore leave and repairs.
“I’ll admit- I expected trouble, but not like this”, admitted PO3 Thomas Lamarr. “With the help of the Atlantis, the Blackwell will be up to specs in a matter of weeks. But we lost a lot of good people here today. That’s going to take much, much longer to get over.”
Written by Randal Shayne

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