April 2012

Next Fleetwide Chat

Our next chat is coming up, so mark your calendars! We’re now holding two chats, rather than just one, to ensure that both America and the United Kingdom can attend

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March Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The crew of the USS Tiger-A have left Deep Space 17 on their maiden voyage, assigned to deep space exploration, heading for uncharted areas of the Ithassa Region, near and

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First Contact Day

Thursday, April 5th is the day of the historic flight of the Phoenix, piloted by Zefram Cochrane. This opened the door for warp flight and then the first contact with

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March Plot Summary: USS Drake

Stuck in the region they dubbed “null space,” the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 have managed to partially adapt the systems of their ship to the new physical reality

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Lower Decks: Ensign Winyah Kasara

Character Name: Winyah Kasara Rank and Current Post: Operations and communications, Duronis II Embassy and its support vessel, USS Thunder Species: Klingon You hail from the Klingon homeworld of Qo’nos.

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Capt. Tallis Rhul resigns

Captain Tallis Rhul, a rising star among the command staff and captain of the USS Mercury, has resigned his position due to Real Life career changes. We’re incredibly sad to

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March Plot Summary: USS Avandar

For nearly ten years, the survivors of the USS Avandar‘s crash on the world they dubbed Eden have worked to adapt to their new home. After a very rough beginning,

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