Lower Decks: Ensign Winyah Kasara

Lower Decks: Ensign Winyah Kasara

  • Character Name: Winyah Kasara
  • Rank and Current Post: Operations and communications, Duronis II Embassy and its support vessel, USS Thunder
  • Species: Klingon

You hail from the Klingon homeworld of Qo’nos. How was life  growing up on your planet?
It was very enjoyable.  I come from a well-off family, distinguished for its service to the Empire.  I was taught, from earliest time of my life, that we must all contribute to the family reputation, in some way.  That may sound somewhat stern, but we had fun, too.
What made you choose Starfleet?
I wanted to go in the navy, and I wanted to see other cultures and worlds.  My family thought Starfleet, if I could make it in, was the best place for that.
What was the most interesting event while you were in the Academy?
Hmmm……. That’s hard to say; there were so many interesting events.  I guess the most interesting event of all was when I was on an away team mission on my senior cruise.  We were surveying a previously unsurveyed planet and discovered a previously unknown culture, or, rather, the ruins of it.  It had disappeared hundreds of years ago; we discovered some remains of temples and other structures.
What made you choose your current position?
I thought I would be in on a lot of action. I like the challenge.
Was the choice of taking on your career a difficult one?
Well, in a way.  I first thought I would go in the Klingon navy but my parents thought Starfleet, though tough to get in to, would be something more to my liking.  They were right.
If you did not enter the Academy, what would you have chosen to be your profession?
Probably some other profession that would take me to different worlds, like a planetary geologist.
How do you find life on the ship different from Academy life?
I haven’t been aboard very long, but I find two things stand out.  One is that people don’t seem to be so rigid about rules and regulations.  But, two, on the other hand, one is expected to know one’s job.  It’s not a classroom exercise; it’s the real thing.  If you fail an exercise in the Academy, you get a failing grade; if you fail here, you may cause people to lose their lives.
Do you have a favorite pastime?
I like to socialize and get to know people.
Do have a favorite food?
I love Klingon cuisine, hahah, of course.  I like gagh, and heart-of-targ.
In closing, I see that you have the nickname of Winsome. How did you come by that name?
Hahah, I know I am not physically winsome, by human standards.  A fellow cadet once said he was very impressed by my ability to be charming and interact with humans.  He called me that, and I guess it caught on because of its similarity to my first name.  I am actually very happy to have that nickname.
Thank you, Ensign Kasara.
You’re welcome, sir.

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