March Plot Summary: USS Drake

March Plot Summary: USS Drake

Stuck in the region they dubbed “null space,” the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 have managed to partially adapt the systems of their ship to the new physical reality in which they have found themselves.
Utilising jury-rigged solar sails, the Drake moved closer to the nearby M-class planet in an attempt to rescue the marine SAR team and others trapped on the planet.  As they began their approach run the Saksenna vessels began to  sacrifice themselves in an attempt to destroy the intruders by crashing into the planet, initiating a cataclysmic, planet-wide series of earthquakes. 
The combination of the Drake’s modified transporters and some exceptional flying by the various support vessels assigned to the Drake enabled all the crew and survivors to be rescued. The final part of the crew’s plan to return to normal space requires a shuttle load of dilthium to be detonated, creating a rip back to their own space-time. Ensign Jo’rek, the Drake’s enigmatic Romulan crewmember, volunteered to fly the shuttle to the detonation point.
The plan worked perfectly and after beaming Jo’rek back on-board the Drake negotiated the spacial rip back to normal space-time. The Drake then made for Alpha Centauri to affect repairs and allow the crew some R & R.

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