Mercury Rising: Commander Miles Unum

Mercury Rising: Commander Miles Unum

There is always a call to duty that all Starfleet officers must heed. We all must honor the call to duty. An honored officer has retired and another has been called to take the reins of command. Today we are honored to talk with Commander Miles Unum, formally the first officer of the Embassy on Duronis II and the USS Thunder. Commander Unum is stepping in to take command of the USS Mercury since Captain Tallis Rhul has retired due real life commitments.
Commander Unum is now in command of the Mercury, there have been a few crew transfers and changes in the departments. Now with the transfer of command completed Commander Unum and his new crew are about to enter new adventures. But before that can start, let us talk with him and see what is going on in the mind of newly appointed Starship Captain.
Commander Unum I have to ask, how do you feel about this new venture, the responsibilities and how you came to chose the officers to join you on this venture.

Alexander, first I’d like to thank you for contacting me about this interview. It’s a pleasure to talk with you today.

I’m feeling pulled in two opposite directions emotionally about these changes.  I’m excited but at the same time saddened.

Captain Tallis and I first met over two and a half years ago on the USS Challenger.  He was the helmsman, and I was a security officer. We immediately hit it off in-character and also out-of-character, and we remain friends to this day. I had the opportunity to serve with him on the USS Ronin and at the Duronis II Embassy before he became the commanding officer on the USS Ronin and then on the USS Mercury. I’m going to miss him, and I understand and support him in his reasons for retiring. I wish him the best with his plans for the future.

The opportunity that I’ve been given by the Executive Council is one that I greatly appreciate and am very excited about. Becoming a commander of a starship in Starbase 118 has been a goal of mine for a while, and I’m looking forward to the challenges and adventures that the position holds.

As with previous changes in leadership in the Starbase 118 group when a commanding officer retires or otherwise steps down from command, crews are often re-assigned to assist with the changes. When I was informed about the new roster for the Mercury, I was happy to see a blending of both Mercury and Embassy crew members. These changes will allow new friends to be made and new families to be formed on the Mercury and at the Embassy, and it allows for new ideas and stories to form. As has been done in the past, Fleet Captain Turner and I plan to have a shared shore leave for the Mercury and Embassy crews in the not-to-distant future to reunite us all.

What involves the three month trials for commanding a ship?

During this three month period, I will complete the written Captaincy Exam and lead the crew through at least one mission and shore leave, while observed and evaluated by my proctor. This is my opportunity to show everything that I have learned during my journey to being a commanding officer.

Will you miss the Thunder and Fleet Captain Turner?

Absolutely!  Fleet Captain Turner was my first commanding officer when I joined Starbase 118, and I have served with her on several starships. She guided me from day one and has always encouraged me to excel. She has been a great teacher and leader for me, and I can never thank her enough for taking the time to do that for me.

I had the honor of serving on the Ronin and continued on to the Embassy with great crew members, some of whom are still simming at the Embassy and others who transferred to the Mercury. I simmed in different duty posts at the Embassy for over a year, and it was home to me. The crew was a family, and I will miss the times we had together. But, we all know that things never stay the same, and I look at these recent changes as opportunities for all of us to grow. One of the things I said both in-character and out-of-character to the Embassy crew was that this isn’t goodbye; it’s just until we see each other again.

Please tell us a bit more about your background and some of your adventures on some of your duty posts.

I joined Starbase 118 three years ago, and I have loved every minute of my time with this awesome group. I currently lead the Publicity Team, and I’m really excited about the momentum we’re building as the next Star Trek movie release for next year approaches.

After graduating from the Starbase 118 Academy, I was assigned to the USS Resolution under Fleet Captain Turner’s command, and I was assigned to the tactical officer duty post. I’ve served on the USS Challenger and USS Constitution as a security officer, on the USS Ronin as a Marine officer, and at the Embassy as a Marine officer, strategic operations officer, and finally as the first officer. Each of those positions helped me to grow and learn, which assisted me in moving into new leadership positions.

There was something about my first assignment that I still hold very dear today. We had a fantastic crew, commanding officer, and first officer. Thinking about it, many of those crew members are still around the fleet. They are Fleet Captain Turner, Captain Jaxx, Commander Nicholotti, Lieutenant Commander Townson, Lieutenant Deron, Lieutenant Orman, and Lieutenant Commander Barnes, who is currently on a leave of absence.

We participated in two missions, “Act of Mercy” and “Broken Promises” before we went to different ships. Those two missions overshadowed important future moments in my character’s life. In “Act of Mercy”, the Resolution crew visited the planet Lavon, and during my character’s practical for commander rank, the Thunder returned to Lavon for an unrelated mission.  During “Broken Promises”, my character got to know the counselor, Talon Lee. He fell head-over-heels in love with her, and today, the two are married with twin boys who are six months old. After the Mercury’s current mission, my character will have his family join him onboard and continue their professional and personal lives together.

I have to say that your career thus far has been filled with adventures, with your new command and crew, including myself are off to more adventures and good times. It has been a pleasure to talk with you sir and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
For more on the character, visit Commander Unum’s wiki page.  And be sure to follow the crew of the Mercury as they continue to prosper under his command.

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