March Plot Summary: USS Avandar

March Plot Summary: USS Avandar

For nearly ten years, the survivors of the USS Avandar‘s crash on the world they dubbed Eden have worked to adapt to their new home. After a very rough beginning, they had even managed to reach an accommodation with the natives, the crew and the nearest tribe coming to live in, if not harmony, then at least amicable proximity.
The relative peace wasn’t to last, however, as Lieutenant Commander Umas and his small band of rebels, tired of eking out an existence in the wilderness, found a way to capitalise on what they saw as their chance for revenge on those that had cast them out. 
The beacon, the one hope the crew had for eventual rescue, was found to be having a detrimental effect on the atmosphere. Slow, subtle, but significant, this effect was enough for Captain Vetri to order it to be shut down whilst an attempt to fix the issue was made. There was no chance for that to happen, though, as Umas managed to get his hands on the device, modifying it for a more powerful transmission burst – a burst that, within minutes, had burned Eden’s atmosphere into oblivion.
In the wale of the planet’s destruction, the Avandar‘s crew were left to find answers to a number of questions – including what had just happened, and why where they back on the ship – which was parked neatly in orbit around the dead world they had approached only ten hours before…

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