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Top Sims Runoff Round 2 – Vote now!

The Top Sims Contest second round run-off is now open for voting. The winning sims from rounds 6 – 12, as selected by our panel of judges, are posted and ready to be voted on by our community. Your votes will determine which sim will go on to the final run-off round to determine the best sim of the year.

So head over to the Top Sims Contest page and make you voice heard. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 29th, so don’t delay!

And while you’re there, be sure to congratulate the each round’s winner:

Finally, don’t forget to nominate some of the great sims that our community is constantly producing. Round 15 is now open for submissions, and the people you think are writing great sims can’t get the recognition they deserve unless you nominate them. The best sim of the year may be here, or it may have yet to be written, the choice is yours.

Writing Challenge Winner and Update

Congratulations to Ed, the talented writer behind Captain Diego Herrera, who won the Writing Challenge for May and June with his short story “Not Until This World Burns.” The story was written in response to the Challenge prompt “From the Past” and, in the words of Lyle, one of the Challenge judges and writer for Commander Melitta Herodion, “The topic could refer to any number of things from a single past experience to the impacts of culture or tradition and how a person deals with one of those things. ‘Not Until This World Burns’ tackles all three (past experiences, ancient culture of a character’s race, and tradition) and it does so beautifully…”

The second place story for this round was right behind the winner in the rankings, and in the words of Chris, another Challenge judge and writer for Commander Jhen Thelev and Lieutenant Sinda Essen, “Lessons from the Past,” a story by Marissa (Captain Kalianna Nicholotti), “[Her] writing is beautifully poetic … and create a story that is evocative and thoughtful, as much about the future as it is about the past.” The runner-up chose not to present her story with any dialogue and impressed judges with this stylistic choice. Be sure to offer your congratulations to these talented writers if you haven’t done so yet.

Our next Writing Challenge is already open, and Ed has chosen the theme “Under My Skin.” Take a look at the Challenge prompt, but be sure to submit your story before August 27th!

Captain Nicholotti Named Magistrate

200px-Kali2012bIt has come to pass that our very own Captain Kali Nicholotti has been named to the Captain’s Council as its Magistrate. Certainly with the nomination and subsequent vote, there comes the burden of responsibility. Captain Nicholotti has nothing but high hopes for the role. ” The position of Magistrate is a position that we nominate Captains for, and then the council votes on those nominations. It pleasures me that the council has confidence that I can serve in this role and capacity at this point in my career.”

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