Captain Nicholotti Named Magistrate

Captain Nicholotti Named Magistrate

200px-Kali2012bIt has come to pass that our very own Captain Kali Nicholotti has been named to the Captain’s Council as its Magistrate. Certainly with the nomination and subsequent vote, there comes the burden of responsibility. Captain Nicholotti has nothing but high hopes for the role. ” The position of Magistrate is a position that we nominate Captains for, and then the council votes on those nominations. It pleasures me that the council has confidence that I can serve in this role and capacity at this point in my career.”
With the creation of the community’s Constitution, came the inception and perpetuation of the role of Magistrate. Magistrates will often find themselves facilitating discussions that are derived from the governing body of the fleet – the Captain’s Council. Captain Nicholotti also adds, ” Constitutionally mandated, there are a number of entries that govern the position, the process of being appointed, and the length of the time one can remain in office. ” Certainly a position that also provides necessary checks and balances, much like any other government, is always a routine part of a well-oiled governmental machine. ” As Magistrate, it is my duty to introduce new ideas for discussion as needed, drive the current discussion towards the most positive solution, and ultimately ensure the timely process of voting on various things. It’s an important position to hold, as it ensures that different processes always stay on track towards their ultimate goal.”
So what’s can we look forward to in the time of Nicholotti? ” Unfortunately I can’t say ‘what is to come’, because the CC list is confidential… I can say that everyone should toatlly check out the hard work many of our Captains, and Fleet Captains, and our Admiral have put into the Writing Improvement Month, [which is upon us]!” At any rate, our hats are off to you ma’am, and we look foward to seeing what unfolds for this year!
You can check out the official information on the Captains’ Council Magistrate position by clicking here!

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