Transfer your character to a new vessel

Members can use this form if they wish to transfer a primary or secondary character to another vessel. PNPCs and NPCs are cleared directly through your commanding officer, and you should speak with him or her if you wish to move a character to a new vessel.

Please be aware that while every member may apply for a transfer, transfers are not guaranteed. The Fleet Placement Officer considers each transfers on individual merit and will carefully review each request before approving or denying, including consultation with you (the member filing the form) if appropriate.

No more than one transfer every six months is usually granted, and if you wish to transfer less than six months after your last transfer, you should provide extra details about…:

  • … discussions with your CO, if your request is due to simming difficulties (posting speed, plot engagement, etc);
  • … changes in your situation, if your request is due to IC or OOC relationships;
  • … other details as appropriate.

Players who have not transferred before, or those who have consistently shown a willingness to work through any OOC-related issues on their ship, are more likely to see their transfer requests approved. In all cases, the Fleet Placement Officer’s decision will be final. If your transfer is denied, you may be asked to remain on your current vessel and wait six months before applying for any further transfers.

Important notices

  • Transfers often take up to a week to process.
  • We do not guarantee that your chosen duty post will be available on your preferred ships. Neither do we guarantee that your preferred ships will have any roles available at all.
  • We cannot guarantee that two or more people will be able to transfer together to another ship.

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Please note that not all positions are available on all ships in the fleet. Marine, Intelligence, Diplomatic, and Civilian roles are limited in availability.

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