Retire from StarBase 118 PBEM RPG

Read this page carefully.

This form allows members to remove themselves completely from our group. Members who retire will be removed from all email lists, will have their forum and wiki accounts disabled, and will no longer hold rank within our group going forward. Any member who completes the retirement form and attempts to return will have to do so at the rank of ensign after completing another training group.

We do not remove any member contributions from the wiki or our sim archive. Per our terms of service, you release to us your creations for use in perpetuity, although we do not “own” your character and will not use it actively in a sim after you depart. (And you’re free to use it elsewhere at any time without our permission, since we don’t claim ownership of the character, just the right to utilize your contributions.)

Please understand that this is not a leave of absence. If you are seeking to take a temporary leave from simming, you will need another form.

Do not use this form to “re-roll” a new character

Please be aware that is explicitly against our community rules to attempt to rejoin the group with a new identity without announcing that you’ve previously been a member. We always uncover this kind of deception and members who do this are expelled immediately.

So if you’ve ended up on a ship that you’re not satisfied with and you want to sim on another ship, and/or you feel like your character is not a good fit and you want to start a new character, there are options for you! All of our Commanding Officers and ship staff are in agreement that we’d rather have you remain with the game on a in a character, duty post, and crew that you enjoy simming with.

  • File for a transfer: Using our transfer process, you can be moved to another ship that fits your play style better. If you want, you can also change your character and/or duty post if you want in the process.
  • Change character and/or duty post: If you just want to change to a new character – even if that means changing duty posts – email your Commanding Officer. Character changes are always allowed, and duty post changes are accommodated eagerly if an open position is available. If the duty post you want to change to is not available on your current ship, you can transfer to a new vessel.