Create a second character

This form is for members who wish to create a second character to be played full-time on a different ship than their primary character.

If you’re simply creating a Player Non-Playing Character or a Non-Playing Character you do not need to request a new character. Instead, speak with your commanding officer.

If you’re wanting to change your primary character to a new primary character, speak with your commanding officer.


  • You must be at least a Lieutenant to create a second character. If you are not of at least Lieutenant rank, do not request a new character!
  • Also, the Constitution prohibits any officer from playing an officer on more than two ships at one time. (Article V, Subsections 8 and 9.) As such, if you already have two characters, you may not petition to create a third.
  • If the character you are requesting is already being played on your vessel, please do not use this form to request that we move them to another vessel. Instead, use the transfer character form. Only use this form if you are creating a completely new character that has not been yet used as a secondary.

Second Character Request Form

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