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Credit: Thomas Raube (2020-01),, Akira by SciFi-Art, Peregrine by Hangar B Production. Source.

StarBase 118 is proud to announce the relaunch of the USS Chin’toka and would like to offer everyone an opportunity to participate in this exciting expansion of the fleet! We are seeking volunteers from across the fleet to fill out the ranks of the Chin’toka under her new commanding officer, Commander Serala!

We’re looking for members from all departments, so if you’ve been thinking about wanting a change or if you’re simply looking for a new way to challenge yourself creatively, consider joining the Chin’toka as she sets off on a new chapter of adventure!

About the Commanding Officer

Commander Serala

  • Species: Half-Romulan/Half-Human
  • Gender: Female (she/her)
  • Age: 47
  • Date of Birth: 235407.15
  • Birthplace: Bogotá, Columbia, Earth

Born of two heritages, Serala’s parents tried to instill in her the values of both of their cultures, and for the most part they were successful. However, like her physiology, Serala was partial to her Romulan heritage. She was especially drawn to the idea of mnei’sahe, the Romulan idea of honor, and she has modified this concept to fit her mixed values.

Serala tends to be reserved outwardly due to the incessant harassment she suffered from human children when she was a child. This has caused her to be suspicious of people until she gets to know them. One of Serala’s strangest quirks is her tendency to slip into Romulan when stressed, but she is aware of this and monitors it to the best of her ability. Due to her Romulan physiology and her upbringing in Bogotá, Serala has an intense dislike of the cold.

She began her Starfleet career aboard the USS Atlantis, rising up the ranks to reach the position of First Officer. She served as First Officer under Captain Jarred Thoran aboard the USS Atlantis and under Captain Mei’konda Delano aboard the USS Chin’toka and USS Astraeus before she was given command of the USS Chin’toka in 2401.

Learn more: Serala – 118Wiki

About Serala’s Player, Jim

Jolantru, everyone! My name is Jim and I play Serala, a female Half-Romulan Commander who has just been given command of the USS Chin’toka, a ship she is intimately familiar with having been present during its initial launch as its First Officer. I work on the Training Team as a Statistician and Trainer, I head the Fleet Chat Team, I am the Fleet’s Taskforce Coordinator, and a member of the Image Collective. I also have over 45 years of role playing experience, mostly as a GM/DM, and this is the most exciting opportunity I have ever been given. I am super excited and really looking forward to this new challenge. 

About the USS Chin’toka

The Chin’toka is stationed in the Par’tha Expanse, a region of space located slightly coreward and “below” Federation space (along the negative Z-axis) at the far end of the Jenatris Corridor, whose entrance is approximately 80 light years from Earth. The region is vast and even with the establishment of Shemsh Colony and the presence of the USS Astraeus, the area holds many opportunities for another ship and crew. There will be plenty of challenges, opportunities to conduct scientific missions, and to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before. She’ll be an excellent place for Starfleet officers to gain experience and to show their allegiance to Starfleet principles and values.

Read more about the USS Chin’toka on the wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Ensigns request a transfer? Yes! Everyone is welcome to volunteer for the transfer.  
  • Will my promotion progress transfer with me? Yes! Your current CO will provide your new CO with the status of your promotion progress.
  • Can I bring my NPCs with me? Yes! You’re more than welcome and encouraged to bring your menagerie of NPC’s with you.  
  • Am I guaranteed a spot if I submit this form? No. We will review all the transfer requests and consider the best configuration of the crew that ensures none of the current ships in the fleet are left with too few members and that the new crew has a balanced roster of positions. 
  • What happens if my transfer is not accepted? We’ll notify you, but otherwise nothing! Your place on your current ship remains secure.
  • If my transfer is accepted, how long will I have until I’m transferred? You will be added to the Chin’toka’s email list once your transfer is approved, but you will have another two weeks after that point to wrap up your storylines on your current ship while you’re starting up on the Chin’toka. This means you’ll be simming in two places at once for a short period of time, depending on how long it takes you to wrap things up.
  • Can I request placement as a new secondary character instead of transferring my primary character? You may use this form to request placement as a secondary character on the Chin’toka. However, you must be of at least Lieutenant rank to be considered, and you must be simming at or above minimum full-time requirements of 12 sims a month, spaced appropriately through each week.
  • What open roles are available? Check them out in the Duty Post request field below – it’s all the normal posts we have on every roster, but a few are limited to experienced members only.

Volunteer to transfer form

This form is only for transferring a currently active, full-time primary or secondary character to the Chin’toka.

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Remember, if you don’t get placed on Chin’toka, your placement on your current ship remains secure!
Marines and Intelligence duty posts are not available on Chin’toka.
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