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Species Spotlight: Bynars

The Bynars come from the planet Bynaus in the Beta Magellan star system. Beta Magellan itself began its time with at least two stars, though one went supernova in 2364. This star was distant enough that its shockwave did not significantly damage the Bynar homeworld.

One of the most unique species known to the Federation, the Bynars are an almost completely binary species, always operating in pairs. Experts at computer systems, the Bynars are highly desired and proficient in high technology scientific fields.

For all of recorded Federation history, Bynars have integrated themselves with their planetary computer systems, through the replacement of the parietal lobe in a child’s brain, in an operation performed at birth.  This operation allows extremely fast data transfer and access, and bears a resemblance to a non aggressive version of the Borg collective.

When communicating with each other, the Bynars use a high pitched and rapid language that is generally too quick for other races to process.  When speaking to non-Bynars, they are capable of speaking English as well as other common Federation tongues, though they often speak it haltingly, and it is common for Bynar individuals to finish each others’ sentences.

While their proficiency with computers has been enhanced by their parietal lobe operations and the tie in they share with their home planet’s master computer, the link comes with drawbacks, some undeniable, and some philosophical.

The Bynars have been proven to be vulnerable when there have been problems with their planetary computer, not just as individuals, but as a species, as this highly sophisticated computer system plays a part in regulating their biology.  And since the Federation encountered the Borg, some have questioned the dangers inherent in the sort of completely interconnected culture that the Bynars have developed.

Bynars often serve as temporary consultants aboard Starbases and Starships, particularly when it comes to computer systems.

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Species Spotlight: Caitians

“That sound… it is so pleassant. Caan you not hearr it?”

The feline Caitian species hails from the Regulan system in the Beta Quadrant, and have been prominent members of the Federation since their admittance in 2234. With a representative serving on the Federation council, colony worlds throughout Federation space and Caitians serving extensively in Starfleet, they are ubiquitous throughout Federation territories, if not quite so much so as Humans, Andorians, or Vulcans.

The origins of the Caitian race are largely a mystery, though many scientists consider that they may share a common ancestor with the Lyrans or Kzinti. Either way, their claimed homeworld of Cait (Regulus V) is one that they have occupied since members of their species began recording history.

Unlike many other Federation members, Caitians did not discover warp drive on their own. Rather, they were invaded by a warp-capable race called the Kodom during the Caitians’ late industrial development. Fighting a guerrilla war against their attackers, the Caitians drove the Kodom off, and and managed to reverse engineer the warp drives of ships left by the invading race.

Caitians are a warm and friendly people who eschew violence whenever possible. Despite their calm and open nature, which is sometimes interpreted as flirtation by non-Caitians, they tend to avoid public displays of affection with their partners, as such displays for the benefit of others are not considered productive in the maintenance of a relationship. Caitians tend to be logical and scientifically minded, and thus, very few are religious.

Caitians tend to be quicker and stronger than humans of a comparable size, with excellent balance, eyesight, and particularly hearing. Their diet is primarily carnivorous, though they do partake of grains more out of necessity than preference. And due to the shape of their muzzles, when speaking English, they often tend to trill ‘R’s, or stretch out ‘S’ or vowels.

Many Caitians in Starfleet choose to specialize in sonic sciences or communications, due to the natural advantages their hearing provides them. There are a number of Caitian characters serving throughout the Starbase 118 fleet in a variety of capacities.

Learn more about this species through their Wiki Page!

Lomales: a hitch in Federation-Laudean Relations?

Lokesh City, Lokesh Island, Til’ahn – Could the treatment of Lomales prove a stumbling block on the road to Federation Membership?

Til’han – or Duronis II as it is known to non-Laudeans – is home to one of the Federation’s most intriguing neighbours. Outwardly similar to many humanoid species, the Laudean peoples possess some rare features: their fielding ability which allows them to detect energy fields, and their three-gendered mode of reproduction. Unfortunately the latter may prove problematical should the Laudeans ever choose to seek Federation membership.

It is not the nature of the Laudeans’ reproduction that is the sticking point, rather their treatment of their third gender, the Lomale. Comprising only 3% of the population, the Lomale is necessary for a couple to reproduce, and where male and female Laudeans are monogamous, Lomales are expected to be promiscuous and move from couple to couple. During the invasion of Duronis II by the Romulans, Lomales were kidnapped and their movements controlled by the invaders, severely reducing the native populations, a setback from which the Laudean people had not yet fully recovered. However, once free of the Romulans, the covens have largely taken over control of the Lomales’ activities, leaving this reporter to ask how much has truly changed?

An Update on All Things Ferengi

It is with great pleasure, (and no fees attached) that I announce an update on all things Ferengi, in this special Federation guide.

So gone is that poor excuse that you cannot visit Ferenginar because its people are a mystery to you and you wouldn’t know which place to visit anyway. All that is worth knowing about Ferenginar now appears on this page. From the dark ‘barter age’ where the Ferengi only knew the basics of commerce to the rise of Grand Nagus Rom, whom, in his immense wisdom, gave business rights to women, so that we could be even more present throughout the galaxy.

So no more hesitation! This summer, book a trip to Ferenginar, and enjoy all the views that the Sacred Market Place has to offer. (If you know where to look, there will always be a special offer somewhere, and many opportunities to indulge in what we call ‘pious consumerism’).

Don’t just stay in our Capital City, though, be adventurous! There is always a bargain to be had in the Gothis Mountains, a tourist trap like none, where you will be able to relax among non Ferengi species, as the locals are far too busy enriching themselves to go trekking aimlessly in the wild countryside. As the saying goes: it is their loss and your gain! You will have a fantastic vista (rest assured, there are no smelly swamps at those sort of altitudes), all for yourself.

As I type those words, I visualize you squirming. Ferenginar is still not for you, you say. The food’s revolting (your thoughts, not mine). Well, fear not Federation Citizen! The whole of the Ferengi Alliance is ruled by MegaCorporations that will sell you whatever it is that your heart, and your stomach, desire. The mere idea of Slug Steaks or a cool Snail Juice make you want to throw up? We have it all covered. You can find all your favorite delicacies from our chain stores. The best ones are found in Weevilville, our absolute best Emporium. (Yes, I know how it sounds: I have been paid to mention that place. See, I’m too honest for my own good).

So don’t delay, pay a visit to Ferenginar, now, this instant! There is a 2% discount if you bring your significant other, a further 5% off if you bring your family to our shores.

Species Spotlight: ZALKONIAN

“Fear the change. It must be stopped.” – a Zalkonian expression.

One of the smaller stellar empires, controlling a number of colonies and worlds in less than a full sector of space, the Zalkonians maintain a well-defended border. While not quite isolationists, they do tend to distrust all other species and have no interest in universal politics. That said, they will go to extreme lengths to hunt down and exterminate any of their citizens they deem to be criminals, especially those undergoing “the change.”

This change is the next step in their evolutionary process, but has sparked such a radical and universal – almost all-consuming fear to the point that all rationality seems to have been tossed aside. As a result they will betray children, spouses, parents and friends to their draconian style government if they suspect that such a person is undergoing the change.

This species is considered restricted for play, but has played a strong role in our Duronis II Embassy, where this species was at one time seeking to become the protectorate of the Laudeans.

Learn more about this species from their wiki page!

SDC Spotlight: Zakdorn

zakdornThe Zakdorn are a playable species, one with the unusual reputation of being the best strategists in the universe. As a result they have not been challenged by any other species for more than 9 millennia. Odd, really, when you consider that they do not present a very intimidating aspect in person. They tend to be slightly overweight and appear to be slow-witted.

While it is true that they are not excellent athletes, they do have very intelligent and analytical minds. Unfortunately, they know it and are not afraid to show it. Many people go out of their way to challenge them, hoping to beat them. It is an extremely rare case when one of them is beaten at any kind of strategic game.

They can be smug and overconfident, but with good reason. They know what they can do. For the most part they occupy positions that requires excellent analytical or organizational skills. They can be found scattered all over the Federation working for Federation interests or as independent contractors.

As members of the Federation, their contribution has been lacklustre, except for the fact that they tend to occupy jobs where their skills can best be utilized.

They are probably one of the harder species to sim for. After all, they tend to be more academic than physically motivated. That, and their general attitude of superiority, can make them into unique characters with great potential for character development.

SDC Spotlight: Zaranites

zaraniteThe Zaranites are a playable species. They were conquered by humans who had fled Earth after World War III. They were able to overcome this, regaining their own independence. Prior to this, their history was one of peaceful co-existence. War and conflict were unknown to them.

Upon learning of their negative history with humans, some experts were surprised by how positive the interactions were between the Federation and the Zaranites. As a result of these positive interactions, they were quickly offered membership in the Federation and they accepted.

They are carbon dioxide breathers and always wear a heavy metallic mask with twin air hoses leading to a small environmental backpack, when in class M environments. They also tend to prefer to wear heavy gray robes in public. They are hairless with shiny light brown skin.

Since becoming members of the Federation they have taken a very active role with both Starfleet and the Federation itself. They tend to be very hard working and self reliant. They are capable of withstanding incredible amounts of stress with no adverse side affects. And they have an unusual love of hunting in all its forms.

As a result they can be a very unusual, yet challenging species to sim for — one that has done its share to promote the ideals of the Federation.

Species Close-up: Ullian

An Ullian female.

The Ullians are a telepathic Federation member species who are most notable for their ambitious plan to create a vast library of memories from the sentients of the galaxy. Their unique mental abilities allow Ullian individuals not only to collect others’ memories but also to reconstruct memories where they may have been confused by time or disease. However, those abilities have been used in the Ullians’ past as a potent weapon in which the offender invaded the mind of his or her victim and corrupted the victim’s memories. This “mind rape” was all but eliminated by 2100, but fringe individuals have been found guilty of telepathic invasion as recently as 2368.

To learn more about the Ullians, visit their wiki page!

Species Close-up: Laudean

A Laudean female.

The Laudeans are a humanoid species and the only native sapient species on Til’ahn (also known as Luxis II or Duronis II). Laudeans feature three sexes – male, female, and lomale – and while, as with most humanoid species, the male provides a sperm and the female the egg and carries the child, the lomale is required to copulate with both the male and the female in order to provide essential gene sequences and enzymes that neither the female nor the male can synthesize naturally. Lomales comprise only 3% of the totally Laudean population.

The United Federation of Planets maintains an embassy on Til’ahn, although it was abandoned in 2381 and Romulan displaced by the Hobus event occupied the planet until the Federation reopened the embassy in 2388. The Laudeans are technically advanced, but the Duronis system, due to a natural process, does not allow for the creation of a stable warp field, and so the non-warp-capable Laudeans were unknown to the neighboring Romulans, Zalkonians, and the Federation for many years.

To learn more about the Laudeans, visit their wiki page!

Species Close-up: Xyrillian

A Xyrillian female

The Xyrillians are a neutral, humanoid race from the Alpha Quadrant, first encountered by humans in 2151. They live within an egalitarian society in which the leader, or Primal, is selected by democratic vote from a pool of 20 objectively chosen candidates. While Xyrillians biology does permit two separate sexes based upon reproductive function, the “male” and “female” sexes are opposite those encountered in many other humanoid species; genetic material does combine as a result of sexual reproduction, but the fetus gestates inside the male Xyrillian. Most uniquely, Xyrillian biology allows for transmission of this characteristic to sexual partners from other species; sexual reproduction between a Xyrillian female and a compatible male from another species may result in the impregnation of that male, regardless if males of his species are capable of carrying a fetus.

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