Species Spotlight: Bynars

Species Spotlight: Bynars

The Bynars come from the planet Bynaus in the Beta Magellan star system. Beta Magellan itself began its time with at least two stars, though one went supernova in 2364. This star was distant enough that its shockwave did not significantly damage the Bynar homeworld.
One of the most unique species known to the Federation, the Bynars are an almost completely binary species, always operating in pairs. Experts at computer systems, the Bynars are highly desired and proficient in high technology scientific fields.
For all of recorded Federation history, Bynars have integrated themselves with their planetary computer systems, through the replacement of the parietal lobe in a child’s brain, in an operation performed at birth.  This operation allows extremely fast data transfer and access, and bears a resemblance to a non aggressive version of the Borg collective.
When communicating with each other, the Bynars use a high pitched and rapid language that is generally too quick for other races to process.  When speaking to non-Bynars, they are capable of speaking English as well as other common Federation tongues, though they often speak it haltingly, and it is common for Bynar individuals to finish each others’ sentences.
While their proficiency with computers has been enhanced by their parietal lobe operations and the tie in they share with their home planet’s master computer, the link comes with drawbacks, some undeniable, and some philosophical.
The Bynars have been proven to be vulnerable when there have been problems with their planetary computer, not just as individuals, but as a species, as this highly sophisticated computer system plays a part in regulating their biology.  And since the Federation encountered the Borg, some have questioned the dangers inherent in the sort of completely interconnected culture that the Bynars have developed.
Bynars often serve as temporary consultants aboard Starbases and Starships, particularly when it comes to computer systems.
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