Species Close-up: Laudean

Species Close-up: Laudean

A Laudean female.

The Laudeans are a humanoid species and the only native sapient species on Til’ahn (also known as Luxis II or Duronis II). Laudeans feature three sexes – male, female, and lomale – and while, as with most humanoid species, the male provides a sperm and the female the egg and carries the child, the lomale is required to copulate with both the male and the female in order to provide essential gene sequences and enzymes that neither the female nor the male can synthesize naturally. Lomales comprise only 3% of the totally Laudean population.
The United Federation of Planets maintains an embassy on Til’ahn, although it was abandoned in 2381 and Romulan displaced by the Hobus event occupied the planet until the Federation reopened the embassy in 2388. The Laudeans are technically advanced, but the Duronis system, due to a natural process, does not allow for the creation of a stable warp field, and so the non-warp-capable Laudeans were unknown to the neighboring Romulans, Zalkonians, and the Federation for many years.
To learn more about the Laudeans, visit their wiki page!

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