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Scandal before Presidential State of the Federation address?

ASTROFORI ONE — Just days away from President Bacco’s delivery of her State of the Federation address, allegations have been made against one of the species invited to the Astrofori One initiative.

The Astrofori One Project, the brainchild of Federation Ambassador and presidential candidate Lily Ventu, has been hailed as a bold step forward in interstellar diplomacy. While the Federation, Romulans, Breen, and Kubarey are the four major powers of the project, numerous other species and groups have also been invited to become a part of the galactic forum. However, trouble may be brewing already between some of the participants.

An anonymous source attending the launch of the station reports that strong allegations by the Kubarey Confederation and the recently reintroduced Peppalexans have been made against one of those species, known as the Va Wreth. Most information about the Va Wreth classify them as a nomadic species of traders, and they have passed through the Menthar region of space on a number of occasions.

The Peppalexans state that ten thousand years ago, the Va Wreth were at war with the Ancient Alliance over attempts to block or regulate their trade routes which ran through the middle of Alliance space. Despite heavy losses, the Va Wreth eventually overwhelmed the majority of Alliance species. Peppalexan records further show that they cannibalized their fallen foes and committed other atrocities.

Confounding the matter is that the Va Wreth were invited to join Astrofori One by the Tholians, who have had contact with them. Given the Tholians normally xenophobic nature, the move is surprising. The proposal was seconded by the Romulans, who recall a very different Va Wreth who were eager to trade, communicate and make connections with for the future. Two thousand years ago, the Va Wreth passed through what became Romulan space and helped those fleeing Vulcan to establish themselves by trading supplies.

“It’s a major headache all around,” said one member of the Bacco Administration on condition of anonymity. “They’re trying to handle the crisis quietly because at this point, all eyes are already going to be on the station with the president’s State of the Federation address.”

Crew members of the USS Garuda have been tasked to investigate the claims as discretely as possible. One team, led by Capt. Aron Kells, has attempted to go undercover disguised as a group of Romulans to gather more information from the other species aboard the station and what they know about the Va Wreth. After speaking with Romulans, Tholians, and others, the team has split up with one set of officers taking the Garuda out under the command of Dr. Chythar Skyfire to search for the Va Wreth’s nearby contacts. Skyfire’s search has led to a Taredge colony the Va Wreth visited that isn’t answering the Garuda’s hails.

Meanwhile, another team led by the Garuda’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman launched an operation to seek any direct evidence for the Kubarey and Peppalexan claims during a reception held by the Va Wreth. However, just as the operation was underway, an old enemy has chosen this time to make a reappearance: Harrison Ross, the Garuda’s former first officer who betrayed his crew last year and kidnapped the Garuda’s Director of Intelligence Capt. Quinn Reynolds.

Now, the Garuda crew must work with Federation Security to protect the President and other VIPs attending from whatever plan Ross might have in store, but if the Va Wreth crisis isn’t resolved, Ross might not have to do anything before the entire diplomatic experiment unravels.

USS Apollo-A under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence

DEEP SPACE 5 – After a taxing mission, the crew of the USS Apollo-A is under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence. Are they behind the sudden change of ships for the crew?

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A, riddled with viruses from the incident around the escaped prisoners (whom the crew has apprehended and returned into the hands of authorities), docked at Deep Space 5 to begin repairs to their systems and enjoy a well deserved shore leave. This endeavour was cut short when only minutes after docking the ship was put into lockdown by a Starfleet Intelligence Audit Investigator team, under leadership of Commander Thomas Prendar.

Prendar and three of his officers led one-on-one interrogations with part of the crew, namely Lieutenants Nathaniel Wilmer and Sinda Essen, as well as Lieutenant Commanders Kalos Fiorr and S’Lone tr’Khellian. Content of the meetings as well as their results have not been made public as of this time. Meanwhile two of Prendar’s officers held a drill session for the remaining senior staff on the holodeck.

The drill did not run as smooth as it was possibly planned, as the senior staff found themselves in a desert setting with the task to run a five mile parcours. It did not take too long until the Nurse, Ensign Dial, collapsed in the sand due to dehydration. This moment marked the end of the planned drill, as the rest of the seniors refused to go on and stood by Dial’s side, while Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) officers Lieutenant Green and Lieutenant Rahz continued to order them back to the drill.

The whole situation got heated between the SFI and the seniors, but was defused when an Engineer, Ensign Rustyy Hael, who came too late to the drill behind locked doors, decided to help out his comrades by hacking into the program and change the settings. Though the programmed rain for his colleages was not restricted to the holodeck, something went wrong in the programming and the whole deck was flooded in rain until stopped by Hael. At this point the seniors were dismissed by the SFI Officers.

When asked about theories of the SFI’s visit, Fiorr only remarked, “Let’s just be glad it’s over right? They’ll never tell you why they’re here unless they want us to know. So guessing about it won’t do us any good. Let’s not dig our own hole here or add more stress to an already unpleasant situation.”

While the crew hasn’t yet learn the results of the investigation, the SFI left the Apollo and lifted the lockdown. But the newly found freedom didn’t last long, as the crew received order to make way to Deep Space 285 immediately. Thanks to the quantum slipstream drive they arrived about an hour later and were soon after hit by another surprise.

The biggest part of the crew found transfer orders to relocate to the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, under a new Commanding Officer: Commander Jalana Rajel. At this time it is not known why their former Acting CO, LtCmdr Akeelah D’Sena, has not received the position, or if it has anything to do with the SFI Investigation. However, it has been confirmed that D’Sena had stepped back from the FO position and had returned to the Security department. The position of the First Officer was filled with the former Acting FO and Head of the HCO department, Nathaniel Wilmer, who has also received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

USS Albion missing in the Jenatris Cloud

JENATRIS CLOUD — StarBase 118 has lost communication with the USS Albion after the ship investigated a Romulan incursion in the Jenatris Cloud.

Following awards, promotions and much preparatory work, the USS Albion launched from StarBase 118 to make its way into the dangerous Jenatris Corridor to investigate Romulan satellites capable of catalyzing and controlling ion storms. The Albion set up chains of probes and communications beacons, which funneled sensor readings back to StarBase 118 for research. They quickly uncovered a web of satellites connected with tetryon wave signals. Finding the web more powerful—and more dangerous—than originally expected, the Albion very carefully extracted one satellite and was ready to retreat when a Romulan vessel decloaked and attacked them.

The non-military striker ChR Asphodel took advantage of the Albion, hitting the starship while it was bringing the satellite on board and therefore exposed. Bridge crew recognized the Romulan vessel as the same civilian ship that destroyed the Shuttlecraft Aramis, and engaged the Asphodel in a firefight in the Jenatris Cloud. The Albion sustained serious damage, with the crew fighting plasma fires on the medical and engineering sections while the bridge struggled to target their foe in the wake of ionic interference.

The dogfight took a turn for the worst when a stray shot hit one of the satellites in the web, causing a cascade failure. As a portion of the web collapsed, a perilous subspace anomaly opened up, threatening to consume the Albion and the Asphodel. The Albion pulled off a risky maneuver to move to the relative safety of the Jenatris Corridor, only to find that the subspace rift caused a terrible ion storm that was surrounding both ships. The Albion found itself in the eye of the storm, staring down a Romulan ship with hostile intentions.

Meanwhile, on StarBase 118 Ops, Black Tower intelligence worked in conjunction with the data being sent from the Albion while searching for suspects in the murder of a terrorist being held for questioning. As StarBase 118 lost contact with the Albion, concern grew among the crew left on the station.

“Communications don’t just cut out like that,” commented operations officer Kylene Walsh. “They were attacked out there, and that means we have a big problem on our hands.”

Back in the Jenatris Cloud, the Albion struggles to initiate repairs on both its systems and crew, and a distress signal has complicated their position. A missing Starfleet officer is being held prisoner on the Asphodel and indicates that there is a unique divide between the Romulan crew. While there is hope for recourse with the Romulans, the anomaly in the Jenatris Cloud keeps growing. The safety of two crews hang in the balance as the ion storm around them heads directly towards StarBase 118.

USS Victory’s crew in Romulan space spread thin by combat and a rescue mission

HUKOGA SECTOR — The crew of the USS Victory, currently aboard the USS Achilles, is engaged in combat with rebel Romulan ships, while an away team is attempting to escape with a recovered deadly virus.

The Romulan Republic requested assistance from the Federation in finding the location of a case of sixteen vials filled with Plasmodium falciparum romulopesti, better known as the Skyfire Virus, which had previously ravaged Romulus. During an away mission to search for the virus, two members of the Victory‘s crew were kidnapped and taken by terrorists aboard a cloaked Romulan shuttle craft.

Mindful of not losing any more crew members, Captain Nugra recalled the away team and worked with the Romulan authorities to locate the vials and the missing members of the away team. Over the objection of his first officer, Nugra sent junior officers on a rescue mission to retrieve the vials and rescue the two missing officers after lifesigns had been located.

The away team was led by Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara to secure the virus and to free Ensigns Janel Tarna and Ensign Elizabeth Rosek from imprisonment. For the two young officers, the close quarters of their prison brought together a friendship in the harsh conditions of their incarceration.

The away team found the virus and captives, and after some close quarter combat from the rebel Romulans, they were able to get away with the virus and the two Victory officers. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Talia Kaji led a small revolt in a Sicarius prison to escape and return to the Victory.

Meanwhile the USS Achilles used its artificial intelligence program THETIS to good advantage against a rebel Romulan fleet of two cruisers and three frigates threatening the system. Captain Nugra brought the ship into a tight orbit around a sun to mask the approach of the Achilles as it lay in ambush for them.

“Looks like we’ve got the Syndicate here, ladies and gentlemen,” said Captain Nugra, before issuing his commands. “Power to the forward shields. Let them fire the first shot, THETIS and Santucci, then let them have it.”

Out with the old and in with the Doyle

DEEP SPACE 10 — The crew of the USS Constitution-B moved into their new home aboard the USS Doyle-A, but friends—or perhaps enemies—from their past lurk just around the corner.

Following the USS Constitution-B’s mission to find the USS Thomas Edison, Commander Faranster returned with his crew in their slightly beat up ship back to Deep Space 10 for much needed R&R. Once there, he dismissed the crew for shore leave, where they each found a way to decompress.

Before their captain could take his leave for the day, he was called upon by Rear Admiral Jaxx, who reassigned the commander’s command to the USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) and promoted him to captain. Shore leave commenced for the crew, which included the newly promoted captain reuniting with his sister, Cmdr. Sundassa Faranster, and Lt. Cmdr. Jalana Rajel, who were both visiting Deep Space 10 from the USS Apollo to celebrate the captain’s promotion.

Meanwhile, several crew members were excited by their new vessel.

“The Doyle is a new ship, a fast ship,” said Lieutenant Ariadust. “If the Constitution was a sledgehammer, the Doyle is a scalpel.”

“New ships are full of new opportunities,” added Lt. JG Sabrina Holly, one of the Doyle‘s engineers. “I can’t wait to see where our first mission takes us!”

While not all of the former crew of the Constitution transferred to the Doyle, the majority of the senior staff and large amounts of the departments did. Certain members of the Doyle spent a great deal of time in the Watering Hole, a bar on DSX. It was rumored that one of the engineers and the new tactical officer were both spotted with a certain shady Ferengi named Rorkix.

With high hopes, big dreams, and stars in their eyes, the crew of the Doyle embarked on their first ever mission to Car’then III to run space trials after accepting an observer from Starfleet Intelligence, Commander Michelle Lizner. Lizner had operated as an undercover agent with the Maquis Reborn and had taken part in the hostage situation on Deep Space 285 some months prior.

There have been rumors of tension rising between the Starfleet appointed “observer” and certain members of the Doyle‘s crew. Some crew members have reported potentially hostile forces and dangerous circumstances surrounding the space trials and are beginning to get the impression that something far more sinister is amiss. One can only hope that the Doyle will be able to complete her trials in peace and accomplish whatever it was the crew was set out to do without getting themselves blown up in the process.

Bioengineered human experiment found in secret underground lab on Piktar I

PIKTAR I – The crew of the USS Atlantis has discovered a bioengineered human female kept hidden in a secret subterranean science lab underneath Outpost Bravo on Piktar I.

The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) was sent to investigate the sudden silence of Outpost Bravo on Piktar I. This followed the mysterious, random subspace pulses that were detected throughout the Piktar system, especially surrounding Prometheus Station.

On arrival at the icy planet, an away team was dispatched to investigate the top secret science facility. Unfortunately, while on the ground, the planet was hit by yet another subspace pulse that destroyed the outpost and trapped most of the scientists within the ruins. What was supposed to be a routine investigation of the situation now turned into a rescue mission, with the away team racing against time to save the lives of the scientists.

During the rescue operation, another subspace pulse rocked what remained of the facility, revealing a large subterranean cavern underneath the outpost. In this secret underground lab, the crew discovered that unsanctioned experiments were being carried out, including one experiment that involved a bioengineered female human with powers that allowed her to control the natural elements of the planet, such as the wind, the ice, and the snow.

Elsa, as she was nicknamed by the away team, was deeply connected to the planet and attempts to remove her from the surface resulted in violent storms and earthquakes. The crew had no choice but to render her unconscious and place her in cryostasis until they could return to Deep Space 26.

The only question is what should the crew do when they do arrive at the station?

“Do not be fooled!” said Outpost Bravo rescued scientist, Dr. Ahmed Gupta. “She may look innocent and harmless, but she controls the wind, she controls the ice. She can rip ships apart with violent storms just with the flick of a finger. There’s no telling what will happen should she fall into the wrong hands!”

Yet despite the potential to become a highly dangerous weapon, Elsa is still very much human who has feelings and rights.

Meanwhile, as the crew head back to Deep Space 26, they plan a memorial service for Lt. Gwen Gardener, who was killed in the line of duty.

USS Gemini escapes unknown subspace anomaly

EN ROUTE TO PROMETHEUS STATION – The crew of the USS Gemini, trapped inside an unknown subspace anomaly, managed to escape using unconventional means.

While en route to investigate an incident at Prometheus Station, the USS Gemini encountered and became trapped within an unknown subspace anomaly. Once inside the anomaly, all systems across the ship failed, leaving the crew in total darkness inside a dead ship. To compound the difficulty, the Gemini‘s crew were scattered across the ship, essentially trapped wherever they were.

With the crew isolated throughout the ship, and no way to communicate with each other, everyone began splitting into small groups to work towards getting things running again aboard the ship. One team, led by Capt. Liam Frost, quickly found themselves near one of the ship’s fusion generators. After some quick work, the team was able to restart one of the generators, giving a little bit of life back to the ship, before heading to Stellar Cartography to start working on finding out what happened to the ship.

Once the generator was back online, another team led by CPO Harold Konstava, made their way to Main Engineering only to find a major problem: the warp core was completely offline. They had to find a way to restart the Gemini‘s heart without the help of a starbase external power. To everyone who heard it, the plan was too dangerous, but they could not find another solution.

“Oh, come one, what’s not to like about this plan?,” said Crewman Alicia Khan at the time. “I give it about one chance in ten of working, and a 90% chance of going kaboom is way better than the 100% chance not trying anything would net us.”

Using all the luck that the crew could muster, the team in engineering was successful in bringing the warp core back online. With power restored, the crew had one more problem to solve: how to escape the anomaly before the ship lost power again.

After some brainstorming between Frost and Ens. Alana Larson, they came up with a plan. The Gemini would generate an inverse warp field to collapse the anomaly around them. It would be dangerous, but the ship should escape with no additional problems.

Once everyone was ready, the plan was enacted, and the Gemini began the hazardous task of collapsing the anomaly and escaping. It was precarious, but the crew of the Gemini ultimately succeeded, and the Gemini returned to normal space, ready to begin her initial task of investigating an incident at Prometheus Station.

Sicarius involvement suspected in Mercadian System

MERCADIAN SYSTEM — Potential Sicarius Movement involvement has been uncovered as the crew of the USS Excalibur-A finds Federation technology on a pre-warp planet threatened by an anomaly.

The Excalibur‘s away team sent to the surface of Mercadia III in search of answers quickly stumbled into something entirely unexpected. While making their way into a building that seemed to be broadcasting a signal to the satellites in orbit, the team found themselves caught in the middle of a plot to blow the building’s cover to the unknowing society around it. The result was the capture of one officer, Lt. Commander Alex Williams, and the injuring of another, Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly. With the assistance of a local teenager, what was left of the team found a set up using Federation technology, rubber stamped with deliberate signs pointing to the Romulan Star Empire.

“Imagine that, a Federation core,” says Ryan Malloy, an engineering officer serving under Lt. Commander Luna Walker on the Excalibur. “We’re honestly shocked. We just can’t seem to piece together how a Federation core made it to a planet that is home to a pre-warp civilization, and then was set up to look like the Romulans did it.”

Meanwhile, aboard the Excalibur, intelligence officer Lieutenant Collim Kieran discovered a potential link between the whispers of a Sicarius movement and the anomalies appearing throughout the galaxy. This was further backed by the sudden appearance of the freighter Loki and its occupant. Once cornered and captured, Ace, as he is known, transported to the Excalibur where he began a cat and mouse game involving cloaking suits and handmade bombs. Without internal sensors, security officer Ensign Kurt Logan headed off in pursuit of their “guest.”

Thoroughly distracted from the anomaly, it wasn’t until it blinked out of existence that the bridge crew were forced to turn their attention back to the big picture. With the backwash of the destruction of the first planet in the system a few days ago to the temporarily stranded away team on the surface, the crew of the Excalibur has been truly pushed to their limits, and with an intruder still on the loose in a blind ship, it won’t be an easy road home.

USS Columbia discovers disturbing truth behind Outpost Alpha

PIKTAR SYSTEM – An artificial intelligence aboard Outpost Alpha was badly damaged after various attempts at merging it with a deadly program called Mercy.

Commodore Heather Westhaven had requested the USS Columbia to investigate incidences of computer and robot malfunctions on Outpost Alpha. As soon as Columbia approached the outpost, it was contacted by Goxac, captain of a Ferengi marauder called The Sons of Ferenginar. The Ferengi seemed to have been tipped on the events concerning Outpost Alpha, and they did all they could to steal the outpost’s artificial intelligence.

An away team from Columbia went to investigate the outpost and came across Lt. T’Sai, who turned out to be at the head of the A.I. project. This unique project used a seven-year-old girl, whose dead body had been donated to the outpost to be subsequently connected to their computers.

The A.I., called Providence, managed to partially control the Columbia, using a musical cypher, inadvertently played by Lt. Cmdr. Silveira. This code had been sold to him by a Ferengi. However, during his diplomatic ventures, Ambassador Gavin MacLaren had also come across the same sort of file. Thankfully, upon discovering that the A.I. was meant to be united to a destructive program called Mercy, the crew managed to reason with it. While doing so, they interrupted the merging process, which unfortunately badly impacted Providence’s program.

“It is the other half of the circle. You are speaking to Providence, and that is Mercy,” said Providence, the A.I. from Outpost Alpha. “One cannot exist without the other, but the link is not complete.”

On the outpost, T’Sai made a desperate attempt to reunite Providence with Mercy, but while this was happening, a mysterious woman contacted Lt. Cmdr. Brek, giving him an ultimatum: if T’Sai couldn’t be stopped, then the outpost would self-destruct within minutes. With so much at stake, Brek fired at the scientist and then stopped her program. Unfortunately, this damaged Providence’s matrix even further.

When everything looked settled, The Sons of Ferenginar fired on Columbia. They had better weapons than the Columbia crew had surmised, and they managed to create substantial damage to the Federation ship. It took the ingenuity of Captain Livingston, along with the tactical, science and engineering departments, to put into action a plan that wrecked the Ferengi marauder. Unbeknown to the Columbia crew, “the mysterious woman” discovered that those Ferengi had been in the pay of the Tal Shiar.

Once everyone was back on board, Ensign Tatash questioned the scientists from Outpost Alpha. When it became clear that none of them were entirely aware of the ramifications of Project Providence, Tatash requested the help of Ambassador MacLaren to devise a protection plan for them.

A few days later, with the ship repaired thanks to the diligence of Ensigns Theo Whittaker and Nuvia Oori, the crew was invited to a holodeck barbecue, where the food was being served by two impromptu chefs: Captain Livingston and Ensign Tatash. The crew then discovered that their chief counsellor, Cmdr. Karynn Brice, had given birth to a healthy baby girl.

USS Darwin strengthens bonds with Asav

ASAV — Despite its rocky past, a new unified government on Asav has thrown open its doors with a call for assistance to explore their early history, to which the USS Darwin-A has been dispatched.

With shoreleave’s completion, the Darwin crew remained buzzing about the upcoming shuttle race held each year at Deep Space 6. With many of the crew hoping to form a team to win the title, all plans for success were shelved when Commander Renos disclosed their new exploratory mission to Asav and welcomed aboard new crew members to their roster.

Despite once being an M class planet, very little is known about Asav’s early history or least of all the reasons for its sudden transformation. With a new unified government in power, the Asavii are now looking for answers about themselves and their history. With their technology level where it is and their previous strained relationship with Starfleet, their new Patriarch Aheran Phlendorp has made a decision to reach out to Starfleet’s desire to explore. Hoping that their previous history could be repaired, the Patriarch was glad to hear the Darwin was being dispatched.

“Blessed be Zolrak, God of the Sea, to bring forth to my people the opportunity to learn of our past,” said Patriarch Aheran Phlendorp upon the Darwin‘s arrival. “The caverns we have discovered are barely tapped, yet already hold many tantalizing possibilities. Artifacts, structures, tomes in ancient languages, even unheard of life forms! The zealotry of our past held us back, but now that we embrace the diversity of the cosmos, now too does our benevolent god embrace our right to learn more of ourselves and why our world changed so radically.”

After the pleasantries of their arrival on Asav, the crew of the Darwin set out with Lt. Cmdr. Kael Thomas, Lt. Traenor and Cmdr. Renos leading shuttles of the Asavii. With each crew member having to quickly come to terms with their new craft’s technology, they all wasted no time in exploring the unknown depths of the caverns of Asav, where unknown treasures and mysteries await.

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