USS Resolution Sets Course For Vulcan, Emergency Medical Aid Sought For Ailing Captain

USS Resolution Sets Course For Vulcan, Emergency Medical Aid Sought For Ailing Captain

VULCAN — The USS Resolution (NCC-78145) has arrived in the Vulcan system seeking emergency medical aid for Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, who was promptly admitted to the Vulcan Science Academy (VSA) after suddenly and mysteriously falling ill in the middle of their last mission.
In the absence of the Resolution’s First Officer, on the surface of Saural V leading an away mission, Acting Chief Science Officer Iefyr Farrel was promptly given a field promotion by Nicholotti and asked to take command when the ailing captain recognised there was a problem.
“As far as we were aware, one moment she was awake,” Farrel explained. “And the next I was promoted and in charge… I assure you it was all legitimate.”
Nicholotti fell unconscious and transferred to the Resolution’s sickbay, where the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Kyle Morgan, led a team of medical personnel in an operation to clip an aneurysm gone previously undetected despite the flag officer receiving regular physicals.
“Once we got in there and I saw what we were looking at, I felt confident allowing our junior physician, Doctor T’Suran, to take charge of the procedure,” Morgan said. “I felt that the aneurysm would be easily accessible and thought this case might make an excellent learning opportunity. In my professional opinion, Captain Nicholotti was not in significant danger.”
Despite successful surgery, Nicholotti remained unresponsive.
The leading theory suggests as the Resolution passed through a temporal barrier, it had unforeseen consequences on the commanding officer’s brain. Despite very little being known about the condition, the Resolution’s medical staff discovered the Vulcans had developed innovative therapies known to be successful in treating similar maladies. First Officer Addison MacKenzie ordered that they set a course for Vulcan immediately.
Nicholotti is currently undergoing treatment at the VSA, and her prognosis remains positive.
More on this story as it develops.
Written by Addison MacKenzie

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