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Residents Recover From Romantic Repercussions on SB118 Ops

STARBASE 118 Ops — With the antidote for the “Love Potion” affecting almost half of the attendees at the Gratitude Festival finally distributed, the crew of Starbase 118 Ops took time for shore leave, conscious of the long-term impact the tainted drinks will have.

“At first, I thought I was just giddy, intoxicated,” stated Lt Prudence Blackwell when asked what the effects of the drink had upon her. “I know my type of drunk and that wasn’t it.”

“Aye, the Festival was grand. Although it was a little more Risian than Bajoran in places.” LtCmdr Arturo Maxwell laughed, lending his unique perspective. “Wait, are you recording th-”

Across the base, couples and groupings have become a more familiar sight, where such thoughts had not occurred before. Romance is in the air, influenced by the feelings spurred on by the additive in the drinks. Others, however, have taken a different view of what occurred, finding themselves flustered or even ashamed of the emotions they experienced.

“I see no reason for shame or embarrassment,” commented FltCpt Sal Taybrim about the matter. “It was an odd experience for all of us. I don’t think anyone should feel bad for what happened.”

Despite the advice from the Captain, the Counselling department has experienced a marked rise in patients coming through their offices. Counselor Ashley Yael echoed the Captain’s words with advice of his own.

“The station’s counselling offices have been absolutely bustling with the crew’s tales of uninhibited antics. My advice to anyone still mulling over the events of that day. Reflect, but don’t regret!”

The station has many other reasons to celebrate, including the return of several familiar faces to the station. Among them, Major Tatash brought grave news of the Cult of Molor, and a final showdown seemed imminent. For the moment, the station is focusing on happier things as the crew and some guests gathered together to celebrate the promotion of Taybrim to Commodore.

“I’m keeping an extra close eye on all the food and drinks.” Cabo Breeze owner Jimmy Hedge assured everyone. “Nobody’s love poisoning this crowd!”

Rumours of an increase in Cult of Molor activities are swirling around the Starbase, but repeated requests to Starfleet Security have been met with silence.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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