USS Arrow works to prevent debacle of colonists, while investigating odd energy emissions

USS Arrow works to prevent debacle of colonists, while investigating odd energy emissions

THETA 122 — With peace on the horizon between the Sheliak Corporate and the Federation, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) contended with a Sheliak vessel that fired on Theta 122 without provocation.
“Evacuations are underway, but there is too much interference in the atmosphere for transporters to operate,” said Crewman Second Class Harry Thomelson, while performing emergency maintenance to fix the problem he spoke of. “Using the shuttles is not an option either, our best bet is to work out a truce.”
Immediately proceeding this attack, the crew detected a strange and highly unusual energy emission from the planetoid’s core, which posed a potential threat to the colony, and the thousands of refugees located there.
The staff dispatched a landing party, under the command of First Officer Quentin Collins, with plans to investigate the anomalous readings. However, upon the attack, the mission changed quickly to one of rescue and support, as the Arrow’s command staff realised that an incoming Sheliak craft would arrive soon.
With compromised timetables, the Sheliak warped into the region and fired on the planetoid before anyone could greet them. This act of violence was unfortunately the cause for the evacuation and the subsequent chaos.
Out of options and needing space and time to reassess their strategy, the Arrow then tested the patience of the Sheliak vessel by setting a collision course. The Starfleet crew realised that the rapid speed and enormous energy drawn by the weapons had left the Sheliak vessel adrift. The Sheliak vessel backed off after finding that its primary power was out of action.
On the surface there was a brief and confused skirmish with a sect called the Brotherhood. Commander Collins received injuries in a fight with three unknown assailants. One of the landing parties quickly resolved the confrontation.
After meeting a colonist from Atlas Base, the situation immediately cleared up after the discovery that the attack was a misunderstanding.
However, not fully understanding the intentions of the Brotherhood and with communications between the ship and the surface party hindered, determining the status of either group remains all but impossible.
On the ship, a thinned crew needed to work with two delegations of Sheliak from the same vessel, each of whom is at odds with the other. The situation is tense as a diplomatic solution slips further and further away.
Written by Charlotte DeBarres

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