USS Astraeus Crew Bids Farewell to Toryn Raga

USS Astraeus Crew Bids Farewell to Toryn Raga

JENATRIS CLOUD – En route to the Shemsh Colony, the USS Astraeus crew relishes a brief respite as they get ready to part with a respected officer.

The USS Astraeus, NCC-70652, has wrapped up its observations of a novel life form. While many have affectionately termed it the “Space Baby,” its formal name is Shreesh of Kh’roosh. After their insightful study, the team extended their heartfelt goodbyes to this unique entity. Simultaneously, an impromptu cook-off in the Pagrati Lounge attracted several officers, with Capt. Mei’konda Delano among the participants. Those present savoured the delightful array of dishes crafted.

Amidst these activities, news reached the ship that the Second Officer and Chief of Tactical and Security, LtCdr Toryn Raga, would soon assume the role of First Officer on the USS Ronin, NCC-34523, serving under Cdr. Karrod Niac. As the Astraeus charts its course towards Shemsh Colony, preparations are underway for Raga’s impending departure, with the entire crew sending their best wishes.

Word of this transition spread rapidly on the Astraeus. Many crew members initiated their farewells, both in secluded and public settings. Raga’s commendable journey began aboard the USS Atlantis after his Starfleet Academy graduation. He later transitioned to the USS Chin’toka when the Atlantis entered a phase of refit and repairs. The USS Astraeus became his most recent assignment after the significant incident involving the Chin’toka. A touching moment was observed when First Officer Cdr. Serala, overcome with emotion, shared a tearful embrace with the departing officer.

In other developments aboard the Astraeus, it’s reported that Serala is expecting and is also engaged to the junior Romulan Republic Ambassador to the Par’tha Expanse, Jorin. Moreover, the ship recently welcomed the parents of Bynar Operations Officers, Enss. 101 and 000. They came on board to assist in the recovery of LtCdr Esa Kiax, who faced a nanobot infestation at Chon Station Ceti, commonly referred to as The Menagerie. Reports indicate that, aided by the Bynars, Kiax is recuperating steadily.

Farewell, Raga, and good winds.

Written by Serala

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