Allies of the United Dominion of Planets possibly responsible for missing Federation starship

Allies of the United Dominion of Planets possibly responsible for missing Federation starship

GAMMA QUADRANT — The investigation into the final disposition of the USS Cabato has revealed the Zet, a fledgling ally of the new Dominion power, may be behind the ship’s sudden disappearance.

With the USS Cabato having missed several check-ins in the Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet has launched an investigation into the ship’s whereabouts. Leading the investigation, the USS ‘Oumuamua has discovered troubling evidence that a Zet attack may be behind the disappearance.

Initial reports suggest that theta radiation-based weapons, a signature of Zet weaponry, may have neutralized the Cabato and resulted in her capture. Further circumstantial clues point to Starfleet officers and families being sold into the local slave market by a Zet vessel. If true, this would mark a significant destabilization in regional security.

The Zet were first encountered by the USS Thor in the Gamma Quadrant over a year ago. Their home planet is surrounded by a dangerous and difficult-to-navigate nebula which has resulted in their isolation from the rest of the quadrant. On first contact however it was determined that the Zet did not possess warp technology.

Recent events have confirmed however that the Zet acquired advanced weapon, shielding, and propulsion technology from the United Dominion of Planets. The two powers now seem to be in a loose alliance, further complicating any implication of a Zet attack on a Starfleet vessel.

At press time the USS ‘Oumuamua was continuing its investigation into the nature of the Cabato’s loss.

Written by Wes Greaves

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