USS Arrow declared missing after new engine test flight mishap

USS Arrow declared missing after new engine test flight mishap

EARTH, SOL SECTOR – USS Arrow declared missing after disappearance in orbit of Earth.

What should have been an exciting and scientifically profound experiment, the maiden flight of the USS Arrow’s (NCC 69829) Proteus Engine ended in disaster as the ship seemingly ‘vanished’ from Earth’s orbit. The Proteus Engine is a detachable slipstream ring, granting modern travel where a conventional matrix would be impractical.

The Arrow had been cleared for warp to its test destination when nearby ships reported an unusual power surge from the Saber class ship. In the blink of an eye, the ship seemingly vanished, leaving no trace. Despite efforts made by other ships and Starfleet Command, attempts to locate the vessel were unsuccessful. Starfleet Operations have issued a statement to the effect that they believe it to be a ‘calculated mishap’.

“There’s no evidence to suggest the ship was destroyed. There’s no antimatter residue, no warp trail or even debris,” said Cmdr. Solon of Starfleet Ops. “Our primary scans indicated a power surge in the quantum matrix, but beyond that, no destination or coordinates were logged with Orbital Ops. It is believed to be an accident, and the Arrow may have entered slipstream prematurely. We only hope that their destination was not too inconvenient.”

The investigation continues.

Meanwhile, the catastrophic incident saw the ship enter what is known as a Way Corridor whilst in slipstream. Way Corridors are ancient subspace corridors connecting remote parts of the galaxy. During their brief flight, the Arrow found itself at Odyssey Station. It is a huge and remote space station somewhere outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. Reports suggest Starfleet was there before, once in 2386 by the USS Independence-A, and then again in 2390 by the USS Columbia.

Alone and stranded, it transpired that the commanding officer, Capt. Randal Shayne, and Chief Intelligence Officer, Cmdr. Ash MacKenna, were lured from the ship by persons unknown before the Proteus was activated prematurely. The crew now fights to uncover saboteurs on board and to follow the leads to track down the disappearance of their missing CO.

As LtCmdr. Quentin Collins, Chief Science Officer and Acting First Officer leads a team of Lt. JG Keneth Nakada, Engineer, Lt. JG Ar’Gorvalei, Medical Officer, Lt. JG Jacin Ayemet, Science Officer and Ens. Connor Dewitt, Engineer, their exploration of Odyssey proved illuminating. All visitors must abide by the Wayfarers’ Code, a set of rules governing conduct on the station. No violence is permitted on board, and weapons do not work.

On the ship, LtCmdr. Artinus Serinus, Chief Security Officer and Acting Second Officer leads the investigation into sabotage with the assistance of LtCmdr. Chloe Waters, Chief Helm Officer, Ens. Philomena O’Malley, Comm/Ops Officer, and LtCmdr. Roxy Wilde, who is temporarily on loan from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

Written by Maz Rodan

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