Mandy Ackley, long-time member, passes

Mandy Ackley, long-time member, passes

On Monday, November 7th, Starbase 118 lost a long-time member and friend. Mandy, the player behind beloved characters Raissa Moonsong and Jayla Petras, passed away in her sleep.

Mandy first joined SB118 back in July 2014 and immediately became a central and appreciated member of the crew. She began her journey on the USS Garuda, moved to the USS Invicta in 2015, served on the USS Za with Jayla Petras, and then transferred to the USS Veritas later that same year with Raissa Moonsong.

On August 29th, 2017, Mandy received the devastating news that she had stage 3 breast cancer. Despite the struggles with cancer and the chemotherapy, Mandy only took a three-month leave of absence before returning to serve on the USS Veritas again. In 2020, she transferred to the USS Juneau with Moonsong and created her secondary, Callistra Navarro, for the Veritas, then later changed to Dr. Kamoyo Aleksandrov when the Veritas crew moved to Amity Outpost. Outside of SB118, Mandy was a known author. She published two books under “Madalain Ackley,” both paranormal stories, evidence of her skill as a writer.

Mandy had a meaningful impact on many in SB118 and her passing is truly a loss. She was a beautiful person who was always approachable and always willing not only to collaborate, but to encourage others. She has touched the lives of many over the years. Some have commented about how she could always be depended upon to make things interesting, how in her role as a counsellor, she not only exhibited great skill in her writing the duty post, but was the ‘heart’ of Starfleet. Others remember how she sought to build connections, both in and out of character, and how helpful she was to those in command, as well as her wit and humour.

Above all, those who knew her would describe her as a shining and unique character, one who looked at those with whom she wrote as more than just collaborators, but as friends and the universe seems a little less bright without her around. For those who knew her, she will forever remain a bright star in our memories.

“I heard someone say that out there somewhere is a reader with a hole in their soul that is the shape of your book. You have that story inside you. Write it. Someone will love it as much as you do.”

Madalain Ackley, September 21, 2020, Author, Collaborator, Friend

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