Antarian Rally disrupted when the Kathesis Pact declares a blockade, racing vessel receives torpedo damage

Antarian Rally disrupted when the Kathesis Pact declares a blockade, racing vessel receives torpedo damage

BAROSSA SECTOR – An interplanetary union and a torpedo have disrupted Amity Outpost’s first Antarian class rally. The rally was immediately halted, and racers were instructed to “stop in place.” Racing vessels were required to remain in their current location and await additional orders from race control. The race is yet to resume.

During the early phases of the race, the vessels clustered together as they navigated the curving proto-star nebula track. The Talaxian vessel collided with another vessel, causing it to deviate from its trajectory. Lt. Ikaia Wong, Chief Medical Officer of Amity, and Lt. Scotty Reade, Engineering Officer of Amity, ministered to the racers on the Starfleet shuttle Everest. They discovered the Talaxian racers Oaxurux and Marox wounded, with Oaxurux gravely hurt. Lt. Reade also determined the source of the damage: an unknown torpedo.

When race director O’Zeer learned of the torpedo damage, he called a halt to the rally. That decision was also influenced by the fact that the Kathesis Pact had warped into the area, ready to fight. The Pact is a magnificent alliance of Mislenites, Nygeans, and Pensarkans. They objected not just to the Vidiians’ ongoing presence at Amity Outpost, but also to Ambassador Vataix’s meeting with them. This meeting took place on their ship, the Indefatigable.

The Vidiians are not permitted to leave their ship.

“It is evident that the Federation regards this as a trivial issue. They may believe it is their responsibility to assist the new Viidian state. Such actions are taken by those who can afford to minimise our suffering. Our anguish. Our loss,” declared Kathesis Pact envoy Gelehi Falshikai in her own news statement. “These are the deeds of those who cast aside their own dead at the hands of the Viidians. Such activities are devoid of dignity.”

Vataix responded by dispatching the Defiant-class USS Independence-B. Their aim is to facilitate communication between Vidiian delegates and the Kathesis Pact.

The rally is being conducted in conjunction with a scientific expo on the grand mezzanine of Amity Outpost. The goal is to share information and strengthen scientific ties between the Federation and the Delta Quadrant. Overall, the fair was a success, despite the presence of the Vidians and the Kathesis Pact.

However, following the formal expo opening, Amity security officials Cmdr. Cassian Iovianus and Ens. Rebecca Iko apprehended an anti-Federation protestor.

Written by Wil Ukinix

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