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Announcing the Intelligence Star

Rewards for a job well done are always fun and exciting to receive after a successfully completed mission.  In Starbase 118, there are a variety of ribbons given out to recognize in-character achievements, but none of the ribbons reflected service related to undercover work and intelligence missions – until now.  Adding to the ever-growing list of service ribbons available for in-character commendation, we can now count the Intelligence Star among their number.

Intelligence Star Service Ribbon

This is the first service ribbon available to those characters who work in covert operations in order to serve the interests and protect the security of the Federation or its allies. Anyone who serves in this capacity can now be recognised along with others despite the more secretive nature of their work.

Emma, the ribbon’s proposer and the writer behind Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds wrote:

[Our] current mission involves an undercover operation… and I realised we have service ribbons for many other mission types (action, exploration, science, diplomacy, etc) but nothing for covert work.

For all the your intelligence missions and outstanding achievements while performing vital undercover work, be sure to keep this service ribbon in mind for the future! As always, remember that you can read more about all service ribbons on the wiki!

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