Writers Workshop: Simming Wishlists

Writers Workshop: Simming Wishlists

As we officially move into 2397 many people are thinking about resolutions, goals and changes for the upcoming year.  But how can you plan to maximize the fun and enjoyment you get from simming?
One exercise that works well for many players is a wishlist.  A wishlist means taking some time to plan out things you would really enjoy simming on several levels and then talking about that wishlist with your mentor, fellow crew and ship’s staff.  This not only helps you focus your writing into key areas that you enjoy the most, but it helps you communicate and collaborate with your fellow players to create a better game overall.
Planning a wishlist is simple.  Grab a piece of paper, online notepad or anything else you can put some notes down on and separate it into three sections.
Section one is personal wishes.  These are things you personally want for your character, which could be as simple as ‘I want my character to learn how to play the Vulcan lyre’ or as complex as ‘I want to have my character explore their Academy rivalry with an upstart Human and my characters ongoing feelings of animosity towards Humans afterwards.’  Try to list everything you can think of from relationships, on duty goals, off duty goals and career goals from the point of the character.
Section two is scene wishes.  These are situations or scenes that you would find especially compelling and exciting to write about.  Have you always wanted to write about a tense ship to ship battle or a hostage negotiation scene?  Would writing about a daring escape or a madcap chase scene get your creative juices flowing?  This is all about specific scenes that could be part of most missions, specific bits of action that you would love to write about.
Section three is story wishes.  These are bigger, overarching story wishes that have the scope of a full mission.  They do not need to be full mission ideas, these are just ideas.  This is the place for stuff like ‘I would really love to meet a member of the Q continuum’ or ‘it would be fun to have a mission with a tense standoff with the Romulans’ or ‘I think a murder mystery would be super fun.’
Once you have your wishlist go through it and star the top two or three wishes in each category, things you are most excited by.  And then the next and most important step is to tell someone else!  Ideally multiple players could complete a wishlist and share together – but even if you do this on your own, talk about your ideas with others!  If you’re excited about a mission or a scene idea chances are other members of your crew will be excited about the same idea.  And sharing personal character goals with your mentor, staff and crewmates can help you achieve those goals in character, which will help you find writing for your character more rewarding!
Now go create your own wishlist and get ready for an awesome 2397!

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