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It’s time to chat! Join us today for our monthly fleetwide party.

Join us in the chat room for our monthly OOC chat today (Saturday, April 10th) starting at 3:30 pm Pacific / 6:30 pm Eastern / 11:30 pm London / 8:30 am, April 11th Sydney (AUS). (See your timezone here.)

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Our monthly chats are a place to meet other members of the fleet, catch up on current fleet events, share stories, and talk about Star Trek.

Listen to the New Episode of the SB118 PADDcast!

The rechristened SB118 podcast – PADDcast – is once again ready for your commlines.

Join Laz and Geoff for a very special First Contact Day Paddstravaganza in their fourth meticulously planned and strictly scripted episode! They’ll be talking about all the days big reveals for Picard, Lower Decks, Discovery and Prodigy!

Thanks for listening 118!

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Join us for the fleetwide chat this coming Saturday, April 10th!

We invite all members of our community to join us in the Discord chat room on Saturday, April 10th, starting at 3:30 pm Pacific/11:30 pm UTC. This will be a special time event for our members in Australia/New Zealand/Asia.

The chat starts this Saturday, April 10th, starting at 3:30 pm Pacific / 6:30 pm Eastern / 11:30 pm London / 8:30 am, April 11th Sydney (AUS). Click here to see the start time in your zone, and add this event to your calendar.

This chat is open to all and casual, so feel free to come and go as you please. See you there!

Forum Focus: Spring 2021

Our UFOP: StarBase 118 community forums encourage OOC (out of character) communication among players from across the fleet, as a way to build camaraderie. This roundup of active topics on our forums will hopefully whet your appetite to head on over and dive into the conversations and fun!

The Soong Society is a new guild for disabled and neurodivergent players – and those that play characters with those qualities. All are welcome to participate in discussion!

A new StarBase 118 Book Club is starting up, jump in and join the fun!

As you’re waiting for the next season of Discovery or Lower Decks to air, get your Star Trek fix in our Trek Discussion forum!

Want to dig into the particulars of being an engineer, a doctor or a science officer in Starfleet, check out the Duty Posts forum!

Do you like to play online gamed from Bridge Crew to Star Trek:Online and more?  Check out the Gaming Squadron.

All of our forums are intended as a safe way to reach out to other players and talk about our fleet. They offer another way for players to come together beyond the wiki and Discord and a fantastic way to keep in touch.

Help us continue to build the forums – click here log in now and take a look around!

Dear Kr’Abby: Ponderous Questions

Dear Kr’Abby,

A Betazoid in a bar told me that the Intrepid-class fly through space by flapping their nacelles. It doesn’t sound right, but he was very insistent and I’m embarrassed to ask anyone else. Is it true that, at warp, the nacelles of the Intrepid-class flap like wings? Is that how they move?

~Confused About Flight

Dear Confused,

While I do not have the space in this column to go through the finer points of subspace displacement fields and how to ride them for fun and profit, I can assure you that most everything you are told in a bar should be something you question.  An Intrepid class ship uses the same warp technology that every other Starfleet ship with warp nacelles uses.  It also has variable geometry pylons to increase its operating efficiency at various speeds.  In this way the nacelles can move and could be said to flap.  However that flapping does not produce movement, it merely enhances movement.

Next time tell your Betazoid companion, with as straight of a face as you can manage, that they are wrong; only Klingon B’Rel class birds of prey travel through subspace by flapping.

Taskforce in Focus – Podcast Team

The Podcast Team is responsible for The PADDcast, an in-universe podcast that gets real-world, wide release. The release schedule for The PADDcast is monthly, making the Podcast Team one of our most active teams.  Today we meet with the Podcast Team Facilitator Lieutenant Lazarus Davis so we can learn more about this important part of our community!

TAYBRIM: Thank you for joining us.  Can you please start by giving us a short overview on the Podcast Team and how it supports our StarBase 118 community?

DAVIS: You’re quite welcome. Thank you for having us! Our primary value to the community is giving us a space to address ourselves as a group. The diversity and breadth of Starbase 118 can make each ship feel somewhat disconnected from the rest of the fleet. Things like the PADDcast, our podcast, help us create a group identity.

What is your favorite thing about working on this taskforce?

For me, it’s the complimentary continental breakfast. That, and the chance to work on a creative media project in a group setting. Something about remotely working on a podcast is very enticing to me.

Who can join this taskforce?

Any active member of the fleet is not only welcome, but encouraged to reach out to us. I think one of the misconceptions about the podcast team is that you need some kind of special technology or training to be a member of our team. While the most visible members of the team are people on mic, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes.

How would a new member join this taskforce?

It’s easy!  You can message us on Discord (I’m Lt. Lazarus Davis and my co-facilitator is Teller), posting in the podcast forum or talking to your commanding officer.

What is the most fun thing about working on this taskforce?

To me, one of the most fun aspects to our taskforce is that that PADDcast is new, and we’re in the process of developing it and defining it as we go along. We get to actively work together to create something new!

Thank you so much for your insights on the Podcast Team!

You can read more about the Podcast Team on the wiki.


Community Spotlight: StarBase 118 DeviantArt

Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we take a look at all of the amazing resources and social media offerings from StarBase 118!  Today we feature the StarBase 118 DeviantArt page, which is kept up with the Image Team.

DeviantArt is a well known website that brings artists and art lovers together.  It allows the Image Team to highlight their best work including character pictures, ships designs, posters and emblems. Over the past year the visibility of the StarBase 118 DeviantArt page has drastically increased due to the hard work of the Image Team, especially Lieutenant Alieth who has overseen the DeviantArt page in 2397 and 2398

Let’s hear more about how it works and how you can stay connected.  Today we’re sitting down with Lieutenant Alieth to learn more.

TAYBRIM: Thank you so much for joining us today!  Let’s start with how did StarBase 118’s DeviantArt page get started?  How long has it been around?

Alieth: Hey there Commodore! A pleasure to be here to chat with you once more. Answering your questions, actually our DeviantArt site has been around for a while, it was created six years ago now. It got a bit of activity in 2015 featuring some contest winners and similar content and after that it’s been a bit dormant until I found out about it in June or July 2020 and then pestered the Image Collective till i got the chance to revive it a bit.

How many contributors add to the body of work on the DeviantArt page?

Given what we do in the Image Collective, most of the images in our DeviantArt gallery come from the work of this team, in fact I have tried to include images produced by each of the team members!

I primarily try to upload the newest images produced (as they are imagery about the active characters, NPCs and ships) that we record in our image tracking. Nevertheless, my mail and DMs are open if anyone wants to suggest an image that can be included in our DeviantArt gallery, I’m always scanning the wiki for something that catches my eye to let the internet know about the amazing characters and stories that we create in our community. So if you want to suggest an image, it should only have to meet these criteria:

  • Be an image created by and for our community.
  • Be watermarked with the Starbase 118 watermark (or allow that the IC add it to the image)
  • Be of medium to high quality

Do not hesitate to nominate images you love!

What types of posts get the most feedback?

Starships’ images or posters are our stars. For example, our two most favourite images are  this poster of the USS Constitution B and this image of the USS Thor.

The bulk of our gallery consists of character images and, as such, these get a lot of attention, particularly aliens and women. For example, our most liked character is Lieutenant JG Vorin (from the USS Gorkon) followed closely by Lieutenant Commander Lia Rouiancet (from the USS Thor).

Then there are also surprises with some pictures! For example this one (which Wolf suggested that should be uploaded and I was very resistant about it) is our third most liked image and the portrait of a certain Fleet Captain is still our most commented image (and one of the most liked too!)

How can members of the fleet follow the posts on DeviantArt?

You can follow our gallery on DeviantArt here! Or you can keep an eye out for Dyno on the officers-club channel on discord. Unless there are any major issues, our gallery updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm London and at 9am Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for Sydney (AUS).

Thank you so much, Lieutenant Alieth!

You can check out the StarBase 118’s DeviantArt Page here!

Writer’s Workshop: Commonly Misused Homophones

Homophones are words that are pronounced the same, but have different spellings and frequently very different meanings.  They trip up anyone learning English whether you’re a student or have English as a second language and are the bane of auto-correct and spellcheckers.

Here’s a guide to ten of the most commonly confusing homophones.  Whether this is a reference guide, or a quick refresher, hopefully you can catch your next homophone before your sim gets sent!

1. there-their-they’re
There- is used as a pronoun or an adverb in a sentence

There will be a lot to eat at dinner tonight.  (pronoun)

Put the PADD over there.  (adverb)

Their- is a pronoun

The students put their uniform coats in the closet.

They’re- is a the contraction for they are

They’re going to attend the holodeck party.

2. accept-except
Accept- is a verb that means to receive something

The Bajoran Temple will accept donations through the first of the month.

Except- is a preposition that means to exclude

You may donate all items except weapons and yamok sauce.

3. lose-loose
Lose- To be defeated

If you do not think logically you will lose this game of three-dimensional chess.

Loose- Not fitting tightly or properly

Tugging at his dress uniform, Captain Kerk wished he had made the collar a little more loose.

4. it’s-its
It’s- is a contraction of it is

It’s too dangerous in the nebula, so we will stay here until the ion storm passes.

Its- is a possessive form of the word it

The cat is licking its paws.

5. bear-bare
Bear- Either the animal or the act of supporting

Did you know they have a brown bear at the Starbase 104 zoo?

Let me help you bear this burden.

Bare- Not being clothed or covered

He walked out of the sonic shower as bare as a Betazoid wedding.

6. aloud-allowed
Aloud- referring to something said out loud

The teacher read the assignment aloud to her class.

Allowed- referring to something that is permitted

Tribbles are allowed so long as they are properly sterilized.

7. you’re-your
You’re- is a contraction for you are

You’re going to be cleaning warp core manifolds if you talk back to the Chief Engineer again.

Your- is a pronoun

Please bring your completed assignment to class tomorrow.

8. week-weak
Week- is a period of seven days

You have one week to finish fixing this shuttlecraft before we will use it on a mission.

Weak- is having little physical strength or energy

The Romulan Ale hangover left her feeling very weak.

9. prey-pray
Prey- is a hunted animal or person

Separated from his away team in a warehouse crawling with hostile Breen the Ensign was feeling like easy prey.

Pray- is to beseech a higher power or make a devotion

Before going on duty the Bajoran officer stopped at the temple to pray to the Prophets.

10. weather-whether
Weather- The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time

The constantly changing springtime weather is driving us crazy.

Whether- Expressing a doubt

Please tell us whether you would prefer Vulcan or Klingon cuisine for dinner.

Odd Jobs: Marine Captain Kiran Han, USS Juneau

In “odd jobs” we examine some less traditional posts and the characters and writers behind them to inspire you to investigate potential for your own character.

Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Marine Captain Kiran Han playing a Trill Marine CO assigned to the USS Juneau.

TAYBRIM: Tell us a little about the writer behind the character — where in the world do you hail from?

HAN: I grew up in Rochester, New York but moved to the Boston, Mass area after college.

Your character is the Commanding Officer in the Marines Department, could you tell us what that posting looks like on a day-to-day basis?

It’s an interesting balancing act.  Finding where a Marine can shine without stepping on the toes, or the writing, of the security department.  I tend to push my character in a more formal, typically Military, tone.  The marine unit on the Juneau is small and designed to be blended into the other departments based on secondary skill sets.  So a lot of the writing is about that interface, providing the Captain and the departments additional options that may not normally be available.

Your current character is the new host of the same Han symbiont as your previous character.  Can you tell us what it’s like to play two different Trill tied by the same host?

It’s an interesting way to write.  I had taken a break from the game for a while, about a year and a half, give or take a month or two, so when I got approval to come back, I knew I’d be dropping some in rank, and would need to explain the absence.  I also happened to be watching the end of DS9, so the Ezri/Jadzia plot line was sitting in front of me.  I knew I was coming back to the Juneau, with a couple of characters that Delan had written with at the Embassy and the Eagle.  So getting to play that ghost of a dead friend card was, and is fun.

One of the things that it does is help force you to think about your characters and what makes them different and what the previous host brings to the table.  Delan was a scientist, so his view of the world is pretty opposite of Kiran’s.  Kiran isn’t nearly as smart as Delan was, but he has all of these memories of what it was like to be the brain in the room, so there is a little inferiority complex going on when the Blue Shirts start talking.

I think it’s also a good thing to do, one of the defining characteristics of the Trill is this lineage of hosts connected by a single symbiont.  Bringing that to the front is the same as leaning into the logic for Vulcans or honor for Klingons.  It’s been, and will be, a lot of fun to play with the psychological aspects of that transition, especially with Delan’s former friends and comrades around to bounce off of.

Do you have any memorable moments from this character you could share with us?

So I’m still getting back into things, I got back just as a mission started so I’ve only had one downtime to really do some deep character development, but so far the most memorable moment has been Kiran’s arrival, introducing himself to Oddas, Delan’s former CO on the Eagle, where Delan was the XO.  That emotional scene of Oddas finding out that Delan had died, kind of, but maybe not because the guy with all of Delan’s memories is standing right in front of her.  I’m looking forward to realigning those relationships as we go.

Are there any challenges that you face playing a Marine that might be different when writing for another duty post?

The Marines are an interesting duty station.  They are probably the most out of canon posting of the not typical departments.  We’ve got something on screen for most of the other postings, but Marines are really a creation of the fandom.  So I don’t have a lot of reference material to work with when figuring out just what a Starfleet Marine is.  So as a writer I need to do a lot of figuring out where the boundaries of the role are myself.

And lastly, if anyone was wanting to write for this duty post, what advice would you give them?

Talk with your CO and XO, and potentially the Security/Tactical Chief.  Figure out the interface between the Marines and Security.  Every ship and station that has Marines uses them slightly differently so don’t assume that because you know how Ship A uses them will be the same as how Ship B does.  Because there is such potential for overlap, you really want to lean into the collaborative nature of the game.

Also, if you can give your character some secondary skills, combat medic, some kind of engineering background, you will likely find it useful.  Not every mission can be full of combat, so having something else to fall back on during missions will help make sure you can always be in the thick of things during less combat focused missions.

Thanks for your time, Marine Captain Han!

You can read more about Marine Captain Han on the wiki.


Listen to the New Episode of the SB118 PADDcast!

The rechristened SB118 podcast – PADDcast – is once again ready for your commlines.

They say good things come in threes but Laz & Geoff are here to prove them wrong with Episode 3 of your 118 Paddcast! This month we chat about the flavors of antagonism, from hilarious mustache twisting villains all the way to the feather’d hair of the questionably legendary Roga Danar. Tune in for insights, writing tips and a partially aspirated beverage, all part of this months episode!

Thanks for listening 118!

Click here to listen to the new PADDcast now. And be sure to subscribe to get notified of new episodes!

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