Congratulations Captain Addison MacKenzie

Congratulations Captain Addison MacKenzie

The Executive Council of UFOP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce that Addison MacKenzie has completed the requirements for promotion to the rank of captain!
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Currently the commanding officer of the USS Artemis-A, Captain Addison MacKenzie has been with our community since 2019.  She was first posted to the USS Veritas as a Medical officer. She then served at the Embassy of Duronis II and the USS Thor as Chief Medical Officer, before taking the First Officer position on the Resolution in 2020.  Addison was promoted to Commander in May of 2021, and moved to the USS Excalibur-A with the crew of the Resolution where she continued to serve as First Officer until transitioning with the same crew to the USS Artemis-A.  Addison launched the Artemis-A as its Commanding Officer in January 2022.

Matt, the writer behind MacKenzie is an active member of the Captain’s Council and he is currently serving in the important role of the Captain’s Council Magistrate.  He is also Statistician on the Academy Team and the Facilitator for the Community History team.  Lauded in 2399 for his evocative simming and steadfast support of the Excalibur-A with the Strange Award for exemplary First Officers, in the recent 2400 Awards ceremony MacKenzie was recognized for his fantastic work within the fleet with the Staff Member of the Year award as well as the James T Kirk Cross for his excellent leadership of the crew Excalibur as they transitioned to the Artemis-A.

You can read more about MacKenzie in this interview from 2399

The promotion to the rank of captain is a momentous occasion in our community – the result of years of writing, mentoring, and learning the ropes. This multi-step process starts with nomination from two members of the fleet at or above the rank of Commander, an initial vote from the Executive Council followed by a written exam, a practical exam, an interview with the Executive Council, and a final vote from the Executive Council. Candidates must show that they have mastery of the art of leadership, a strong knowledge of Star Trek, the ability to teach, and great simming skills.

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