Fleetwide Trivia: Rules and FAQs

Fleetwide Trivia: Rules and FAQs

July is trivia month for StarBase 118 and our Fleetwide chat on Sunday, July 17th 2022, will feature our annual trivia contest!

Here’s a quick rundown of the rules and FAQs for players new and old:

Trivia will run a minimum of 60 questions.

  •  To earn the participant badge, you must answer at least 1 question (even if answered incorrectly) or cheer on a friend who is playing. Badges are awarded for camaraderie, but not idling.
  •  The winner’s badge will be awarded to the person with the most points
  • First correct answer is awarded 1 point. There is no penalty for incorrect guesses. Some questions may be worth multiple points for multiple answers. Questions will clarify whether they have multiple answers or require specific answers – read the questions carefully!
  • Anyone can join in at any time
  • Please limit chatter until after the trivia is done
  • Discord will be set to a 15 second slow mode to prevent spamming answers
  • Any putting down of other players or unsportsmanlike conduct will earn a play a kick for the remaining time of the Trivia game and forfeiture of any badges earned. Cheering and good humor are always welcome.

Google searching is allowed, but we set most questions up so that a participant who knows the answer off the top of their head will have an advantage over those using search engines to get the answers up faster.

Questions will start with the general category, followed by the question. Categories are:

  • TOS: Star Trek the original series
  • TNG: Star Trek The Next Generation
  • DS9: Star Trek Deep Space Nine
  • VOY: Star Trek Voyager
  • ENT: Star Trek Enterprise
  • TAS: Star Trek the Animated Series
  • PIC: Star Trek Picard
  • DIS: Star Trek Discovery
  • LD: Star Trek Lower Decks
  • MOV: Every feature length Star Trek movie, from “The Motion Picture” to Star Trek Beyond
  • SB118: Trivia about StarBase 118’s canon
  • GEN: General Star Trek canon, something that doesn’t fit in any category

A note on spoilers and new shows: Trivia uses an 18-24 month moratorium on new shows. This means that we will not have questions from the 2021-2022 seasons of Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks. Also, because they are brand new, there will not be questions from Strange New Worlds or Prodigy for this year. Check back in future years for questions incorporating newer shows! But, for now, enjoy your wealth of Star Trek spoiler free!

This year we are joined by last year’s Trivia Master: Etan Eiljor! Etan has provided a bunch of head-scratching questions to tickle your brain for 2399! We hope to see everyone in this year’s trivia, whether you’re cheering on your friends, enjoying the questions or going hear to head for the title of Trivia Master, everyone is welcome!

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